It Could Be Upgrade II(B) or III(A).

After the previous upgrade of the CPU and Mobo, even though it was great to have the speed, the graphics held the machine back. The original plan was save up and get an RX 480 before Christmas. Then temptation reared its head and I got a second-hand GPU. So what does it mean? It means I get to re-apply for my #PCMasterrace credentials! Haha. I will admit it was an impulse purchase and oddly enough the research only took a couple of minutes stood in the shop, instead of my normal painstaking trawl though many different websites, etc.

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My Case.

When I first bought a computer you could have any colour case as long as it was beige. Then black became the new beige, but saying that the black cases are far more stylish than the old beige box. Desktop’s are out of fashion unless you’re buying for business and different flavours of tower cases are the only real choice for the discerning PC enthusiast. Though there are a few cases out there in white and few other colours, but I choose functionality over form.

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My MoBo.

Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3

On my build post here, I mentioned that I had chosen a budget motherboard. At the time of purchase with the price of this board was £100. But I got it as a bundle with 16gb of DDR4 memory. Many of the premium Z170 boards retail for over £200. This was a place where I had trimmed back on money spent.

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[E:D] Bought a Python

Though I’m really enjoying flying my stable of ships, I was getting to the point that the money in the bank was starting to burn a hole. Flying around in fully specc’ed ships is nice there is a lot of enjoyment flying a non ideal load out and upgrading it as you earn the money. I decided to sell my Vulture and buy myself a Python with change I had left I had planned on getting an A-rated FSD.. Planned…

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[E:D] GC2016

Frontier had been saving up their announcements about new features for Gamescon. Each day they are having a number of live streams and the first was good!

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The ‘Hammer’

World of Tanks Consoles are running another event, giving away another premium/hero tank. This time the offering is a German Hero tank the Panzer Kampf Wagon IV known as the Tiger, but this hero tank has been refered to as the ‘Hammer.’ The Tiger tank earned a reputation as a fearsome opponent during WWII been the most technologically advanced tank on the battlefield completely outmatched its opponents. Many people in WoT are disappointed that its not as fearsome in the game as it’s reputation says it should be. But then it is not always meeting its historical adverseries.

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Phase II

Excitement and trepidation that’s how I approached this upgrade, because even though I’m aufait with building and upgrading PC’s this was a first for me, water-cooling even if it was an all in one package. Also building a PC is not something I do everyday and there is always that chance that something will go wrong and you will break something! I’ve never broken anything while building/upgrading but I don’t plan on breaking that streak! Of course I was excited, building a computer is fun!!!

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