Home my dear friends….

Home as they say is where the heart is…

or capsule sits.

I’ve had many homes in my 3 years with EVE some just happened some have been planned. What I have noticed over time is moving home is more and more difficult. As you stay in one place you acquire more stuff whether that is shiney ships, BPO’s or huge amounts of raw materials. My problem is the last 2 my BPO collection has grown with me and now I have some +1 bill BPO’s that i would need to move around. The available resources I need to run my operation have also grown from just minerals to moon goo and now tech 3 salvage etc. I have a handful of ships but they are not shiney pimp mobiles i can fly a golem but never actually got round to getting into one, I still fly my old Raven with 3x CCC even though my skills don’t need that anymore.

So im planning on a new home a big step, I will forge a new home in a WH. For a carebear (there is no other description that I can make that fits) this is going to be a big step. ive actually taken a little peek into WH space and got my first taste of WH life a week back. Got my first ever kill mail. I honestly felt bad, some poor guy collecting PI got pounced upon by my Stealth Bomber.

But wow my first kill, now in RL im a sports coach White water rafting, white water canoeing so im pretty used to the old shot of adrenaline but this was a whole brand new buzz. I could get hooked. So im going to blog about my experiences as I prepare then move into a WH.

I’m moving my main character into a C3 WH with my present corp, leaving my alts to continue running my tech II business. So im at the stage where I need to wrap up my manufacturing with my main and collect together what ships im going to take into the WH.

So far im taking

Drake -pve

Hound -pvp

Cov Ops -scanning

transport – getting loot out of the hole

badger – PI


So im cutting my life down to size. Living out of just a handful of ships.

See you on the other side…


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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