The little things.

Today has been a bit of a spring clean.

I decided to clear out my station of acquired junk, the skill books you accidentally bought 2 of, gifts. That kind of thing with a handful of loot and some tech II ammo that had just come off the production line, i merrily sent my alt to jita in my freighter. It was a good haul putting just under 300 mill onto the market then shipping 1bill of raw materials home. Ive also closed down my Hi-sec PI, ready to establish my WH enterprise. I’m planning on creating worlds that output P3 products mainly due to there low volume to isk ratio but i sure i will be expected to contribute at least one planet to fuel production.


At present my main has +5 implants stuck in his head, I’m obviously not heading out with those expensive modules in there. So I’m going to clone jump into my +4 clone or i go for the cheaper option of a clone with no wiring buy just the two +4 implants I’m using at the moment i will get podded and id rather not lose the full set. I will probably top up my head with a few +3 skill implants shield and missile stuff just to improve my pve.

I should be leaving hi-sec for a while so i must also decide how to best use my manufacturing/research slots (got to keep making money) I’m toying with the idea of getting a capital component BPO and getting that started and maybe some of the tech II capital construction components ready to produce a Jump freighter.

Hmm still thinking like a carebear, but i need to make sure i have a steady income and be able to replace my losses as i learn to pvp. Might go and poke my head into a WH later and scan a few things down and see who is flying around. hopefully a nice juicy noctis full of nanoribbons..


See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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