The right Tool(s) for the job.

For a long time the right tool for the job was limited to a hulk, drake, raven, cov ops. On my alt my primary ships are my iti mk V, drake and the orca. That orca has served me well up untill a few months ago when i got myself a freighter. But it has been a massive help bridging the gap between Iteron Mk V and freighter as my industry expanded, been my squad boost platform for both mining and PvE as i grinded the standing for 0% refining tax. It has also acted as a mini carrier for shipping a fleet of ships between some far flung missioning sites. All in all over the last 3 years its been my winning eve ship so i agree with Ashimat over at

So moving to WH space planning for the future, the Orca wont be coming into the hole its staying in hi sec with my alt. I know i wont have such a useful multi-tool to fall back on so i must specialise. Which brings me to my future training plan. As you can see from my first paragraph i don’t actually Fly a great deal of ships. but the few i do fly i fly well – Cov ops V, BS V, destroyer V, Exhumer V im also only 17days from marauders V but that’s stuck there for the time been. So the big decision is do i learn to fly the ship then learn the gunnery skills or vice versa. While i make this decision i shall finish up training my missile skills and look what shiney ships id like to learn to fly.

See you on the other side..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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