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Due to my life getting busy, I’m still not in the Worm hole. But ive been busy training up an emergency scan character. While this has been going on my industry has kept ticking over, easier to keep having 30 … Continue reading

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RL and all that

Well I have not had much time to either play eve or do any blogs. Ive just had about enough time to log on and update skills. What i have had the time to do is get a scanning alt … Continue reading

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Not as i had planned.


Well things didnt go to plan. I got my main into a jump clone my last JC with no implants in was deep in mim space. So found myself 17 jumps from jita which included a jump through lowsec which i did in  the free frigate. was surprised to see only one person, but i guess i was lucky. I then bought new implants in jita (+4’s.) Its the last part of my plan that didnt work out jumping into a WH practice scanning and looking for trouble. i didnt seem to find any trouble. The POS’s i did find where obviously busy on a different TZ. But i didnt waste my time i believe my personal skills in scanning are improving with the use of shift +drag keeping my probes in formation and the shift+alt for altering probe distances around a central location. Oh well there is always next time.

I decided against buying the BPO at this time due to the fact i had run my stockpiles of some materials right down. So instead I invested heavily on minerals building my stocks up on high ends, i was lucky to get offered a stack of morphite for below jita price as well which made me happy. I had noticed that just after the patch there where a lot more people mining and i could fill  large orders quickly but that seems to have slowed down again.

My main is ready to move into the WH, but manafacturing wise a wait of 4 days could mean i can get another 10 tengu’s onto the production line which will obviously help with cash flow and help me to continue my build up of reserves. At present all my money is going back into materials i have a few tech II ships i am preparing to build 1 widow and 3 golem’s im hoping after all that is built and my tengu’s i will have the spare cash to afford my PIMP tengu for my alt, So he can run a few missions in hi sec to improve my standing with homeguard and caldari navy.




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Busy – Logistics

Logistics for an industry character can get complicated Though I own my own freighter which helps, I do use freighter services Red Frog Freight is my method. Over the last 3 days ive put  over 4 billion isk worth of ships/ammo and modules … Continue reading

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