Busy – Logistics

Logistics for an industry character can get complicated Though I own my own freighter which helps, I do use freighter services Red Frog Freight is my method. Over the last 3 days ive put  over 4 billion isk worth of ships/ammo and modules onto the jita market that’s a lot of trips, but if I have nothing to collect from jita or I have a full load (up to 1 bill isk worth of mats) I will set up contracts for red frog to shuttle stuff both ways. Now ive always found red frog fast and efficient and for budding industrialists I would recommend their services. With the large amount of liquid isk ive done my usual trick of spending it very fast on the usual suspects minerals, moon goo, pi and research materials. I’ve bought a hand full of BPO’s to put into research ready for Jump freighter manufacture which is a long-term project of mine. I will also be buying a capital construction BPO as well. As my main is going into a WH I will be cutting my output by about 50%. So instead of isk been wasted I see the BPO as an investment cause I can spend the time to research it which increases its value wether I use it in the future or sell it. The plan for tomorrow is hopefully have enough minerals to produce a drake and a badger II, clone jump my main ready for WH. Buy Cap BPO and put it onto research. Tomorrow should end up as a fun day cause im going to scan down a WH and go and explore and improve my personal skills with scanning, I will of course be taking my Stealth Bomber I can fly both a manticore and a hound, I have manticore set up for fleet engagements with support TP’s and dampners and my Hound  (HuK = HUnter Killer) is set up for more solo work. I know one of the directors flys a SB so im hoping for a bit of fleet work/fun. So i will be hunting in my hound.


See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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