Well after been busy in RL and not feeling that i have had the time to commit to full WH life im having to put that plan a little further down the road. My scanning Alt has been stopped been trained as well due to the present project. But in about 10 days my Alt should be ready to buy up the skills required for a scanner /noctis pilot and move into the WH.

In the WH the corp now has a rouqual and 2 capital ships which is exciting, all the miners will be excited about the boosts.


My new plan while i get ready to move into the hole is…. Build a Jump freighter.

Between my and the corps BPO’s we can build obelisks and seen as my logistics Alt can fly an obelisk ive decided to build an Anshar jump freighter. Over the next 5 days all the Moon goo components BPO’s will come out of research up to about ME 45.


At the moment i produce Tech 3, tech 2 ships and freighters and orca’s. But moving up to a JF production i would need to start stock piling large quantities of Moon Goo, but I didn’t want to do this at the expensive of my other production. So what i have done is increase my output of T3 ships I now have all 3 lines in the sub system assembly array producing tengus in 5 run batches staggered about 2 days apart, this has been mainly helped by a run of good luck in the reverse engineering dept. Over the last week i have brought back at least 1m of crystalline carbonide in every trip building my stocks up but this isn’t solely for JF production, its continuing my output of retrievers. At the moment my main bottleneck is only having 1 component manufacturing facility in the POS. I normally take up the whole of that array for my work so i need to do 2 things Longer build jobs or start using stations. The stations locally are used by one or a group or industrialists and have little to no spare slots.


I kept one tengu back from my last run for me! I love it been running missions kickin’ ass and taking names. But on that note im going to have to look into the heavy missile changes. a large portion of my income comes from making Scourge fury missiles i need to use up my massive stock pile of Tech II BPC’s and look into what else i can make instead with a long build time. Which i have been working on by scrapping my old spreadsheet and making a more standardised sheet so i can more easily compare lots of ammo types.


See you on the other side….


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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