Not so much luck…

Been on 2 more Gate camps, neither of them where very fruitful. While getting through a bubbled gate I got De-cloaked and died. Then the gate camp didn’t pan out after that either so over the last 2 days I have got any kills and lost 100 million isk into the process. But I now have a a Jump Clone in Null sec ready to pounce on unsuspecting null-bears. During my exploration of null i also set up some warp in points to gates. Thinking that I could ship Modules in in a blockade runner and sell them for a very nice profit and/or start a capital manufacturing base  up.

The gate camps where a mixture of very quiet and frustrating with not having any  recon ships to help tackle some of the more difficult prey.



Still building the components for the Anshar jump freighter, hopefully in a day or 2 i will have everything completed and into production. ive got 15 tengu’s in production so my cash flow looks set for the next week, waiting to be put on are 9 mackinaws and 1 Golem the hold up is lack of starship tech. I managed to not notice i was down to less than 200 which is purely an oversight on my part.

I am presently researching Prototype cloaking device and small mobile warp disruptor which are my own BPO’s and as always im looking at the corp BPO’s and researching them to make them more useful to me and the corp in general. It alleviates the guilt of nearly taking up the whole use of the hisec POS for my own manufacturing.


Still looking into which capital BPO to buy next maybe jumpdrive. Need to increase my reserves of minerals so i can increase my production of Capital components and ships, also going to expand my markets into areas close to where a lot of PVP happens, borders with null and low sec.


See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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