A Camp.

Last night I joined another null sec gate camp. I was lucky girlfriend away for a few hours at the right time…

As usual joining a camp made me have to 18 jumps to get to the staging system. But you get on coms and get a feel for who is about. Once in system I got the Book marks for this operation. I had done a previous op in this system with a different Fleet Commander(FC) so even though I had a lot of bookmarks I didn’t have them all. I got loaded up on bookmarks and bombs. we headed to the gate as a fleet and jumped through together but one person didnt warp off quickly enough and got tackled, the FC made a rash decision and commited us to defending the bomber who was tackled, it ended horribly we lost a bomber and a falcon in exchange for a sabre. Not a good swap and not a great start to a camp.

The FC of a stealth bomber camp almost seems like a magician knowing which bookmark to use to get the right warp in angle for a tackle etc. The FC gives us commands and we follow and we get kills, very easy and nice. This is a skill id like to learn.

The gate camp increased my kill mails by 2 and hawk and a crane but also got on the kill mail of a tengu coming through a Jump Bridge. It’s also made me want to do some more solo work, really want to increase my kill mails. I also have some plans for fitting Tech II torpedo launchers to my manticore. All my engagements have been sub 30km so im not using the extended range of faction torpedo’s and the extra damage would be very nice. My present damage for my manticore is 484DPS with tech II launchers I could improve that to 614 DPS loosing 16km on the range of my Torpedo’s, something to think about and try out I feel. (Though on consideration having a higher Alpha strike might be more important than DPS more things to consider. I have a nice load out but I need a piece of faction gear to make it fit… im not that rich shame!) Edit.

The most exciting part of the night was when we tackled a hurricane and got jumped by a small fleet of ‘canes and drakes, exchanged fire and ships and warped off. At the moment im finding that i stay calm up until I switch off my cloak then the adrenaline starts pumping and i can only process one bit of info at a time. Which i know and understand and spend time coaching people to over come this problem on white water in a kayak/canoe. But it’s not helping me get through this problem myself. Hopefully continued immersion in the PvP environment I will come more accustomed and get into a more useful zone of learning (my stretch zone instead of my disaster zone!)

Industrial news.

I have put an anshar onto cook, but means im without a freighter until one comes off the production line in just over a week. I’m falling back to using my orca for transporting good around, which I havent done for some time and the cargo hold seems rather small compared to my obelisk. Using my Freighter to start the production of the Jump freighter has made me realise how much my present industrial output is due to my ability to haul large volumes of ore and moon go around. trying to ship large volumes of minerals around in an orca is a pain in the …. Counting down the days till my freighter comes off the production line. So im going to downsize my operation for a bit produce modules and ammo in local markets and just shipping mackinaws’ and Tengu’s to jita. This will affect my cash flow by having more on the market at one time but a slower selling speed

See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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