Wheels within Wheels.

At present many plans are in action I’m going to outline some of them here. My main character has just passed the 73 million skill points, my secondary character has passed 63 million skill points. So what am i doing at the moment  i want to increase my output… i want to be able to output and obelisk every 12 days and therefor put a Anshar onto produce at about the same time. That would be great getting that amount of output would hopefully leave me with more free time to pursue other interests while still building up my BPO collection.

I have never run an incursion, no never. not even when the money was ridiculus for a hi sec dweller. But i dont chase the money for moneys sake. Im working towards a logistics tech II cruiser which i could be sat in within a week or 2. Its mainly for the experience of the fleet work and communication.

I have a char im training up towards faction warfare who will be flying frigates and destroyers and learn the classic PvP skills. Once this char is trained so he can get involved i will continue training my specialty Stealth bomber pilot so i can go forth and gatecamp without bringing the sh!t storm down on my corp.

Very slowly another char is slowly working towards been able to produce capital ships and use mineral compression in this process. For setting up a low sec business arm! 

The price increase on the BPO’s will hamper any purchase this month, but hopefully next month i will get another one working towards producing carriers.


See you on the other side….


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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