Datacores and Lai Dai corporation.

So my main is caldari and ive spent most of my time in caldari space with a while in both gallente and mimitar space. But i moved back to caldari. As i wanted to be an inventor i researched how to achieve this goal and realised i needed datacores and that i could get them myself or some of the ones i needed anyway. For this i focused on Lai Dai Corp because of locality ( near jita), number of level 4 research agents, ease of grinding for combat and none combat characters.

So entry requirements skill wise:-

Laboratory Operation V

Research V

Science III

to get this expensive skill

Research Project Management – which allows +1 research agent a level.

You also need a skill based on what datacores you want to research so electronic engineering the higher this skill the more research points you gain a day.


As you can see my main has 6 research agents, five at level 4 and one at level 3.

For Electronic Data cores im earning 344 reseach points a day over 3 research agents. A single data core costs 100 reseach points and 10,000 isk.

Doing some quick maths if I had 5 research agents doing electronic engineering for 30 days I would have 17100 research points to spend which gives me 171 datacores a month at a cost of 171000 isk, as of today each datacore sells for 134000 isk a unit so with some behind the scenes maths that’s  22.7 million isk income a month on 5 research agents. Not a great deal of income, not even as good as PI but once set up this is completely passive nothing needs to be done till you want to cash them chips in. As most of my income is from T2 manufacture its something im less reliant on the jita market for.

So i have used 2 routes to grind the standings with Lai Dai to get level 4 agents


Level 1 & 2 security missions

Keikaken V – Moon 1 – Lai Dai Corporation Warehouse

Level 3 Security Missions

Isaziwa X – Moon 3 – Lai Dai Corporation Factory


Level 1

A handful for you to choose from.

Level 2 & 3

Haajinen XI – Moon 9 – Lai Dai Corporation Warehouse

But while grinding up the standings with Lai Dai you are gaining LP to spend in store so that’s another income source which should slightly off set the time taken. The income from datacores isnt massive but if you are planning to go into invention and become a tech 2 manufacturer it is a stepping stone on the way.

See you on the other side…..


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