A roaming i shall go…

I was in luck last night, girlfriend away so a whole evening of uninterrupted Eve Time. As my Main was still in the ‘ahem’ PvP clone, i jumped at the chance for a bombers bar outing. I jumped into my Manticore not the tech II one but still my tech I and headed out through low sec to Null. Then in Null got my first opportunity to be black op bridged into system, which is a first for me. Once in system what a slow and boring night it was though i did get on a few kill mails and got one kill mail myself. The residents of Null where not interested in pushing us off the gate camp or even trying to make life hard for us. Which was a shame, i enjoy the cat and mouse cat games played around warp gates. On the first engagement of the evening 2 newbies too bombers bar let fly with bombs not torpedos and watched as these 2 bombs started to sail towards me thankfully they exploded about 20-22km away so my safety margin was 5 to 7 km, phew! Later on we did have an opposing stealth bomber launch a bomb at the fleet which i did catch a blast from knocked out my shields and a massive 9% hull damage. At the end of my time slot ( i was up at 5 the next morning to get to work) i had to get myself out of null. Using skills i had only ever heard about but scanning gates from a nearby planet to make sure there where no gate camps etc, it all worked so was happy, didn’t want to have to take the pod express home! It was a good size fleet of 40 and i enjoyed it, but i think i get more from the slightly smaller fleets, learn more get to ask questions, see more easily whats going on and actually get to talk on comms. But as my corp knows i don’t seem to talk on comms much anyway..


See you on the other side.


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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