Industry: POS Fuel

This is going to be a 2 part post, this one about making Fuel from resources bought from jita. The second will be about making PI related fuel.

Basics of Fuel manufacture.

Lets get todays prices for the Fuels (17-3-13).

Caldari Buy 11850 Sell 11988

Minmatar Buy 12252 Sell 12844

Gallente Buy 11700 Sell 12788

Amarr Buy 11500 Sell 12140

So to get an idea of usage of fuel by towers a large tower consumes 40 units an hour in empire space. To make the fuel you need a blueprint  some PI products and some ice ore products.

Planetary Products needed for 40 fuel blocks from a researched BPO/BPC

Ice Products

Prices of Mats (from buy orders)

Coolant 8700

Uranium 12200

Mechanical Parts 7635

Oxygen 315

Robotics 80830

Heavy Water 76

Liquid ozone 367

Hydrogen isotopes 348

So the cost of making 40 blocks of minmatar fuel is 441720 isk. so to make 1 block it costs 11043. That gives a saving of 1209 isk a unit or making a profit of that per block.

So now we can work out the cost of running a large minmatar Tower in empire space for 30 days, which runs to 318,038,400 isk if you make the ice yourself or 352,857,600 isk if you just buy the fuel from jita.

So by making the fuel yourself you save 34.8 million isk a month. The profit margin on making fuel is just under 11% as of today. I have not factored in the cost of production because to make fuel you need to have an ammo array that you have at your POS anyway.

I hope this is useful to some of you out there…

See you on the other side.


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