POS Fuels (The PI Side) OR Part Deux.

So looking at the components for POS fuel that are aquired from PI.

  • 8x Coolant – ideal candidate for profit making on gas planets.
  • 4x Enriched Uranium– useful for Plasma planets in hi sec.
  • 4x Mechanical Parts
  • 20x Oxygen -easiest 1 planet, large volume
  • 1x Robotics – Hardest to do in high sec due to low quality of Plasma Planets

Exporting products from planet incurs a charge which is the same for every single ‘tier’ of product. Shown on the table below is the base value of the item that the tax is based upon. The tax in hi-sec is 10% so to export basic commodities it costs 50 isk/unit, for refined 900 isk/unit.

  • Advanced Commodities: 1,350,000.00 ISK
  • Specialized Commodities: 70,000.00 ISK ( Robotics)
  • Refined Commodities: 9,000.00 ISK (Mechanical parts. Enriched Uranium, Coolant)
  • Basic commodities: 500.00 ISK  (Oxygen)
  • Planet Resources: 5.00 ISK (Noble gases)

So the output cost per unit for the PI is:-

Now lets look at how much these PI products are worth at Jita.

Coolant 9300

Uranium 12302

Mechanical 9350



Setup of a Gas Planet.

Lets look at the information on a gas planet.

Gas Planet

Gas Planet

The only actual information that will alter the PI production on this planet is the Radius which is important due to the length of the links we will need to make.. the smaller the better. which will become more apparent with my excellent paint skills in the next picture.

Gas Giant

Gas Giant

So with a smaller radius the links are shorter leaving more grid/cpu for extractors. You want your main extractor units positioned apart from each other so you have more resources available to you. I hope this helps.


See you on the other side….


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