The Space Caravan…

So a few things have happened and I have been so busy playing Eve I’ve not had time to write about it.

I’ve been made a director in a Hi-sec corp, been running the hi-sec POS for a while and now I have the title to go along with that responsibility which is nice but hasn’t really changed my day-to-day operations as such.

Effects of the upcoming update

With a lot of speculation going on the price of Ice Isotopes has doubled increasing fueling costs for the POS. Speculation has also hit the Moon Goo market some prices have risen very sharply though prices on Tech II items have hardly moved. With the ability of 2 toons been able to train on one account with the use of PLEX the price of them is slowly edging upwards again prices at downtime where 540m isk in Jita and 535 in Rens.

Rumour Mill

Is it all going to kick off between the Null sec alliances, rumours, leaks general bitching all looks that way. I’m hoping so cause war feeds industry.



Most of my industry has been chugging along nicely cooking Tengu’s, Mackinaws and Tech II modules and ammo. But the big news is we (i have a business partner) are nearly ready to go into Capital manufacture we have all the component BPO’s some are having their research topped up. The Archon carrier comes out of PE research in 12 days which will then have ME 2 but PE 0, the Thanatos is under going PE research to 1 and will be ready in just over a months time. Some of the BPO’s have been copied waiting for the carrier BP to come out of research. At present i have my Alt Edward grinding standings ready for manufacture and sales to reduce the tax paid. He is also working towards the trade skills and should have them finished just as the first carrier rolls off the production line. The next 2 weeks will be focusing on keeping my main industry running at full production while getting the reserves of minerals in place for capital manufacture.


See you on the other side….



About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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