To Cap it all.

Capital Class War Ships.

Not Frigates, Cruisers, Battlecruisers or Battleships these are the biggest gone damn hunks of flying metal (all alone in the night.) Ok im not doing titans or super-caps that’s way out of my league… but just as i once thought tech II invention was out of my league all things change.

Within 14 days I Should be starting to produce my first Archon carrier, 20 days after that i should be cooking my first Thanatos. That one little sentence has completely dominated my plans since Christmas. I’m not super rich I didn’t do this on a whim it has taken planning, lots of serious planning.

Some things where a must for this venture.

  • 2 Ships BPO’s
  1. Archon
  2. Thanatos
  1. Capital armor Plates
  2. Capital capacitor Battery Blueprint
  3. Capital computer system Blueprint
  4. Capital construction Blueprint
  5. Capital Corporate Hanger Bay Blueprint
  6. Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
  7. Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
  8. Capital Power Generator Blueprint
  9. Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
  10. Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
  11. Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint

I wanted to do this properly and not be dependant on supply’s from Jita for BPC’s. I wanted to do it like a BOSS. Which involved me buying Blueprints as i could afford them and putting them into research building up my collection slowly.

I have trained a special toon purely for Capital production, ive done the mission grinds to reduce tax costs and refinery waste. i know what skills i still need to train to get the next phase of production up and running.


I chose a location that I know well, I lived near there in my first year in eve. i re-explored the area with new eyes knowing so much more about the game than I used to. I’ve chosen a spot in hi-sec for my mineral compression facility.

Planning Phases

Phase 1.

I’m coming to the end of Phase one of my plan, the last few component BPO’s are getting the final bit of ME and PE research done on them. My first Capital ship blueprint is nearly ready.

Phase 2.

Phase two will consist of setting up buy orders for minerals in hi-sec ready to compress. Using existing mineral and ore streams to compress 5000 units of 425mm Railgun. The last bit of Phase two will involve moving the BPO’s to Low sec.

Phase 3.

Will involve getting the 5000 units of railgun into low sec, refining them and start the build process of the component parts and getting the Capital ship up onto the market. Build up trade oppertunity’s stock the local market with capital modules fuel, drones etc.

Phase 4.

Hi-sec compression station really comes on-line continually compressing minerals and shipping small volumes to low sec to keep the stocks topped up. New BPO’s are bought relieving bottlenecks in production, expanding output towards dreadnought class vessels

Phase 5.

Toon skills upto JF capable, extra manufacturing toons are added to increase output, steady  payment of dividends to myself and business partner.

Wheels within wheels, plans within plans….

See you on the other side…


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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