Fuel Leak!

With the upcoming changes to Ice belts or their removal ive decided to have a quick look back at how much the price of fuels have changed over the last 2 months since my last post about the price of POS fuel blocks. Here

Prices for the Fuels from previous Blog (17-3-13).

Caldari Buy 11850 Sell 11988

Minmatar Buy 12252 Sell 12844

Gallente Buy 11700 Sell 12788

Amarr Buy 11500 Sell 12140

Todays Fuel Prices. (16-6-13).

Caldari Buy  16576 Sell 16940

Minmatar Buy  17001 Sell 17079

Gallente Buy  15784 Sell 16648

Amarr Buy 15788 Sell 16400

 From these Figures to run a large Minmatar POS in hi-sec just buying the Fuel Blocks now costs 489,628,800 a month up from 352,857,600 that’s a rise of  38%.

Time to add a nice picture (no Paint this time) As you can see  the graph below shows the price of Minmatar fuel over the last 3 months.


Guessing Games.

So what is this likely to mean. Price rises on items that involve the use of a POS so Research, invention, copying mainly done at POS’s. Yes you can use hi-sec stations but i am going to assume the majority of research/invention/copying is done at a POS. This will affect tech I modules as well. My first step into industry all those years ago was buying a 10 Run BPC of a raven.  This will just increase the price not by a third but a small increase. Moon mining getting the products for manufacturing tech II modules and ships this process will get hits a lot throughout the chain :- Moon Goo mining, copying, Invention and manufacturing. These modules will go up in price to absorb the cost. Worm Hole residents live from a POS so that is going to have a knock on effect on T3 manufacturers. I know of one casual eve player who is getting out of the WH business because of his casual play he is not making the income to make it worth running a POS. He will be taking a hit cause he will lose his Carrier which he has in the hole! So will the price rises squeeze some people out of their POS’s or prevent newer Players owning a POS because of the financial strain. If it does that means less fuel been used and the prices will stabilise at a lower price. But I LOVE my corps POS id be lost without access to one. So i will keep running the POS for now….

See you on the other side….


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