Jump Engines online, Capt!

Well things are progressing slowly. In eve and out. IN eve I’ve managed to get enough minerals into Lowsec to get my first Archon into production and in about 6 days I should get a thantos into production as well. I’m pretty isk poor but thats more due to not having the time to log on. I do have 8 Tengu’s on the market and one anashar! so as soon as they move I will be happy. Not got my industry moving yet, just the side project.

Dust 514.

I have played this a few afternoons and im not sure what to make of it yet! I’m feeling like there is something missing from it, but that may just be me coming from a battlefield 2/3 background. Though as its FREE i would recommend playing it is fun. Maybe cause I don’t play CTF type games on battlefield i generally play rush where there are objectives and definite movemnet once these goals have been achieved.

Sorry for the scrappy post, but this has been done while sat on my bed cause I don’t have a computer desk anymore…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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