Capital Idea.

With my lack of play time, rubbish internet connection and job hunting my Eve playtime has suffered, massively.

But i have managed to get my Capital project off the ground, 2 capitals have finished production and a 3rd is in production. I have managed to sell 1 of the capitals. But with the Goons turning their attention back to hi-sec and ice interdiction once more, i can only guess that the amount of caps will drop off unless some other alliances decide to have a barney somewhere in null.

My other industrial efforts have ground to a halt as well. I sold my last Anshar and last few tengus last week, so i have iskies in the account but not got anything in production at the momment.

Im also feeling bad, i wanted to be a driving force within the corp and really lead from the front, helping the corp make money to finance some ventures but these have all gone on the back burner.

Hopefully soon things will slide back together in my life and i can continue writing guides for my industry and get more involved in PvP.


See you on the other side…


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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