Preparing to start a manafacturing career.

Eve is often described as spreadsheets in space due to is UI and reliance on the amount of raw data observable within the game world. Going into manufacturing means that it is important to fire up a real spreadsheet. It doesn’t matter which flavour you choose, I’ve mainly used Googles’ due to been able to pull information from eves’ api via market data websites. I’m not going into how to do that yet! So there are websites and apps for both mobile devices and windows that supposedly take the hassle out of this process. But sometimes to learn you have to do things the hard way or if you want to have the ability to customise you need to get your math on!

So I’m going to apologise now I’m writing this on my tablet so can’t get any pictures in so it’s going to be a wall of text.

Let’s start simple, you want to work out what cruisers are profitable to sell in jita, nonni and torrinos for example. So on the second sheet I would list all the minerals then have columns to have a manual input, jita price and local price to your manufacturing base. I generally find that it’s extremely difficult to source zydrine and megacyte locally so that normally comes from jita anyway. On the third sheet you list the cruisers and there mineral needs at the research levels you feel are suitable. So finally you get to the meat of the spreadsheet time to do the math. By multiplying minerals and prices and volume you can get a list of values for the cruisers. For example local build cost, jita build cost and a custom build where low ends are supplied from local markets and high end come from jita. Once you have this data you can compare it against the market prices.

This spreadsheet is the most basic idea on how to decide on what’s profitable to sell. But by setting up a simple sheet give you the basic knowledge which you can build on as you expand. Having a spreadsheet that pulls information in and displays profit per unit or weather it’s profitable to buy in certain parts of the process for example in tech 2 manufacturing. Im not saying don’t use apps, im saying explore other avenues.

See you on the other side….


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4 Responses to Preparing to start a manafacturing career.

  1. Serpentine Logic says:

    I use DRK for that. Being able to link mineral purchases with the items built from it, and linking those to the prices each sold for is a really good way to keep track of your gains.

    Plus, each time you build from or research a blueprint, it pulls in the ME and PE data so, e.g. if you build a carrier, it will know what ME and PE your component blueprints are and adjust the build costs appropriately.

    • tothebreach says:

      Thank you, i will look into it. Not seen that website before. I will still do the second part of this guide on how to pull info from the market data sites. I feel a little honoured that someone who’s blog I read has commented!

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