Spreadsheets in SPAAACE!

As an indy guy i do use certain programs to help me with my business planning etc. EVE isk per hour been my main one. But sometime just firing up my spreadsheet and doing the math myself just feels right, I can also quickly see which Tech II BPC’s i have are the most profitable. So lets dive straight in…….


Breaking down the API Call. (Google Sheets.)

=ImportXML(“http://api.eve-central.com/api/marketstat?usesystem=30000142&typeid=”&JOIN(“&typeid=”,$A2:$A38), “/evec_api/marketstat/type/all/median”)

Done not so difficult…. oh you want me to explain as well. hmmmph okay them.

So this line imports data from the api.eve-central.com server.

usesystem = 3000142  Getting data for Jita you can change this to any system you prefer.

&typeid every object in EVE has a number reference for example Tritanium is 34. Typeid’s for all items can be found here.

$A2:$A38 Looking up ID’s for a range of type ID’s

/evec_api/marketstat/type/all/median Gets the mid point between the Buy and Sell amount.


Which if all goes well could look like this:-

34 Tritanium 4.76
35 Pyerite 11.73
36 Mexallon 44.75
37 Isogen 123.84
38 Nocxium 694.31
39 Zydrine 701.00
40 Megacyte 1,736.82
11399 Morphite 7,500.00
16670 Crystalline Carbonide 142.98
16671 Titanium Carbide 134.16
16672 Tungsten Carbide 111.86
16673 Fernite Carbide 153.51
16678 Sylramic Fibers 261.16
16679 Fullerides 949.87
16680 Phenolic Composites 1314.87
16681 Nanotransistors 2839
16682 Hypersynaptic Fibers 6612.63
16683 Ferrogel 23874.18
17317 Fermionic Condensates 51000.01
33359 Photonic Metamaterials 11250.15
33360 Terahertz Metamaterials 11698.81
33361 Plasmonic Metamaterials 12833.04
33362 Nonlinear Metamaterials 16901.17

So that pulls the data from the website so now its down to you to manipulate it to find ways to make money.


see you on the other side…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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