Getting a little moar done with spreadsheets.

So I’ve got my Google spreadsheet set up pulling data from eve-central .com. Now I realise that this tool is not as elegant as it could be but it’s used mainly to look at trends in the market an overview of what is profitable and what is marginal. So if you read back i did a post about the making of POS fuels. Good your back, happy with what i covered in the previous post(s). Obviously I could set out my spreadsheet to do all the work for me.

Fuels BPO ME 40 Jita Price Build Cost 1 unit Profit Loss
44 Enriched Uranium 4 11500
9848 Robotics 1 70002.04
9832 Coolant 8 8269.52
3689 Mechanical Parts 4 9250
3683 Oxygen 20 246.01
17887 Oxygen Isotopes 400 619.55
17888 Nitrogen Isotopes 400 808.76
17889 Hydrogen Isotopes 400 550.92
16274 Helium Isotopes 400 594.99
16272 Heavy Water 150 136.81
16273 Liquid Ozone 150 544.63
4312 Gallente Fuel 14311.53 14352.86 -41.33
4051 Caldari Fuel 16989.49 16244.96 744.53
4247 Amarr Fuel 14704.44 11,624.20 3,080.24
4246 Minmatar Fuel 13797.79 17,511.20 -3,713.41

I could have the spreadsheet in a neater format by just pulling all the information I needed from my main data of raw materials on my first page. But this was more to show you of what I did. What I did is hidden behind the numbers…..

So working out my build cost =((M2*L2)+(L3*M3)+(M4*L4)+(M5*L5)+(M6*L6)+(M11*L11)+(M12*L12)+(M7*L7))/40

If L is the BPO ME 40 column and Jita price is M, it’s really simple to just multiply the two together and then divide by 40 to get the cost of one block of fuel.

You can expand the sheet to meet your needs for example you could factor in the Tech II BPC costs in manufacturing from your invention skills etc. Set it up so at a glance you could see what decryptors make the most money on ship invention.

I Hope you find this rough guide useful.

See you on the other…….


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