Market Games.

Well over the last few weeks I’ve dipped my toes into playing the jita market. I mean dipped. I spared 50 million isk from the bank role. With this money I set about looking at trading. Obviously with the mantra buy low sell high and turnover¡ normally I would have kept a record but due to been a numpty and forgetting to check the box on or off depending whether it was a market trade transaction or industrial purchase. But I can say I have made a small admount of isk. Im going to keep going at this project, hopefully take better care of the check box and get back to you with some more solid results.

Capital Production
Got this back online, producing an Archon at present and just shy on zydrine for a thanatos. My low sec character can now fly a blockade runner so just need to learn the cloaking skill. Then I can ship in more minerals. Payment for this project has gone out to myself and business partner. And another payment will be due on the sale of this archon. I lost all my notes and expenses during my move s around the country.

I had a large reserve of resources stock piled and this made getting this going easier. Though the margins have been slashed on some of my key items. I have also begun stocking the local market with some choice modules and ships which I will continue to do as it helps with the cash flow and doesn’t leave me penniless between trips to jita. I now have to share the POS with other Indy characters. One of which decided that using one advanced labs copy slots for the whole of the month was OK. Which has reduced my ability to copy bpos for the corps use and hindered my own copying for my tech 2 invention. I have managed to fuel up the POS completely this month and the corp has a reserve of fuel in stock as well. I’ve taken a more proactive approach and started using my director benefits to buy and sell things for the corp to start making money directly.

None, but by December I should have my industry running /have spare cash and my toon in training up should be back on schedule. Hopefully some WH hunting or bombers bar tales for next month.


Finish off my spreadsheet guide thing looking at a real resource. Get good at market PvP.

See you on the other side….


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