Looking at the market! Simples.

Jita Station Trading

Time to try and make more money from my jita toon. My jita toon normally gets logged on at least once a day to update my buy orders for all the resources I need. So what I’m going to do log on at least twice a day to update buy/sell orders.
At the moment my alt has about 50 trade orders they can use, this might need upgrading fairly soon. This exercise is purely experimental, although I have dabbled with trading I’ve not done it to any great extent. I gave a corp wallet 75 million isk, let’s see what I can do with that.

Initial Guidelines

Minimum 10% margins
Volume of at least 500 sales a day

So with these guidelines in mind I started sifting through the market. I started where I know best so looked at materials and resources. But the market seems pretty tight with low margins but big volumes generally. Maybe if I was sat at my desk crunching numbers etc. But no not the margins I’m looking for!
Ship equipment this is where I’ve had a other success in the past. So I just roll through the equipment looking for stuff I recognise looking at the margin and sales volume. So I starting putting up buy orders for 100 units of each or just 10 if the module is worth over 500k isk.  Then bang run out of orders. So got approx 50 million in buy orders over about 20 modules.

What I’ve bought are the non produced tech modules. These modules are only dropped by rats so can’t be produced. I’m not buying tech II or  tech I variants limiting myself to mission loot. Basically mission runners selling there stuff to buy orders. They get a fast buck I get to change to make a small profit.

Tune in over the next few days to see how this works

See you on the other side….


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