I’ve nearly run out of data allowance this month. So even though Rubicon has been released I won’t be joining in the fun. Only the standard updating my manufacturing , sales etc. 20gb of data doesn’t go far.

Jita sales
I know I’m making money on this but can’t quantify cause I keep putting industry buy/sell purchases through accidentally and have been too lazy to rectify my mistakes. Going to probably clean house of buy and sell orders then start again. Oops.

Continuing on as before a wide range of products now sold both locally and at jita. Still looking to diversify my range of products I’ve still got capacity unused at the moment.
Got my archon on sale in low sec but production stalled at present need more raw materials.

Anshar gone into production which means next month’s plex will be easy to finance.

In reading the patch notes I failed to notice the golem was getting cruise missile bonus.. Doh. Better look into getting some cruise missiles built.

Next month will be properly looking at station trading.

See you on the other side….

About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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