Corp Theft.

Damn Blast and ouch that hurts. Yes a corp theft reduced our Hi sec POS stripped nearly everything out. What a major Blow to my industry over 3 billion of raw materials gone!


I have not updated this Blog in a while its not that i have not been playing its that i have been busy with a new RL project and the time i dedicated to the blog was all used up. Also my play time has suffered. I do need to sort that out. Well i mainly need to sort out a proper internet connection playing eve through your mobile (cell) signal isn’t that good! The Capital project is still running profits are at about 10% per carrier. Managed to make 3 carriers since the 28th of dec. So everything is working there if only slowly. 

The Hi-sec POS loss is going to affect me over the next few months, having to replace modules. I wont be producing a Jump Freighter in time for next months PLEX purchasing. Which is a pain.


oh well….

Hopefully get back round to normal updates soon.


See you on the other side…


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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