60 Million exchanged for a little fun.

Last night i decided to go and have some fun in null and hang out in my Bomber. It was an extremely SLOW camp and im very out of practice. My Manticore got scragged. But  aprox 60 million well spent. The high light wasn’t me blowing up a frigate it was actually seeing an EVE blogger celeb fly past. That’s how slow the camp was. The eve blogger celeb i saw none other than Sugar Kyle. So lessons learnt. I need Moar practice at this PvP business. Hopefully this can happen over the next month or so.


Well my main is gliding closer to the 100m SP marker. At the moment i’m focusing on weapons/ships trying to get to fly all sub caps. At the moment i can use all tech II large weapons, some not very well but they are trained. This plan is going to take me at least another 6 months after that i will remap and fill in the int/memory skills im lacking. looking at the skills mastery i have one or 2 skills I’ve missed and only have mastery to II soon as i’ve boosted this skill up (gravimetric) i should jump to mastery IV on most sub caps for Caldari. The reason the skill is barely trained is it was introduced after a remap where i decided to concentrate on weapons/ships and have never got round to upping.



I have another Archon coming off the production line in 3 days and have about half the mats needed for another ive got a Thanatos on the market waiting to sell but the price seems to have droped below the price im willing to sell at so am just going to hold on to it for now. Over the next week i will have to ship in a big chunk of zydrine, megacyte and isogen to keep production running. At this time my BPO for 425mm should be ready i’ve been using copies from the my mains corporation to keep things running till now. Future plans need a freighter.



Well after the corp theft which messed around with my finances and production ive managed to get my T2 production back up and running, pumping out modules for the local market and a number of ships have gone into production with more going on in the next day. My T3 hasnt been re-activated yet, i was extremely lucky when the theft happened i normally have 20 Tengu’s in production at one time but at the time i only had 5. But with the loss of of so much raw materials i needed one ‘line’ to go on hold. I am unlikely to get a Jump Freighter into production in time for this months PLEX which is going to sting a little in 30 days time which will put a kink in my production out put.. another kink… But hoping my continual turn around of modules in the local market will help me smooth out my income sources. My industry has been very boom rich then 30 seconds later poor again. the local market is supplying me with an income of about 20 million a day and i am continuing to add extra products to this list. Over the next 2 weeks i hope to get T3 production back on line, refine my module production to meet local needs. So hopefully by next month I will have forgotton this horrible incident of theft.


See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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