Bombers Bar

Last night I joined a bombers bar training session. Even though I have the basics of stealth bomber covered I had the time so I thought why not and the chance to go for a gate camp afterwards seen as I was still in my PvP clone. The first part of the session went well! Good delivery, lots of Good information. Covering the basics though I might have relied on some stock fits to talk about showing MSE vs EWAR. Covered the roles of recons as well and some ‘good practice’ tips for bombers interacting with there brothers in recons. Plenty of student teacher interaction. Was pleased with to see this level of training been delivered to a whole bunch of eager pilots.
During this time it allowed me to get my game face on, contemplate my silly mistake the night before get ready for the coming camp. By the time we where given our destination system for the camp I was eager and excited ready for some fun. Our target system Torrinos. Super physched I lived there for over a year, felt like going home. Flew the jumps manually from memory with a smile on my face. I had been on a gate camp there before so I already had the bookmarks I also had a few non bombers bar safes from my runs into null.
So we very quickly formed up in torrinos, got to the EC gate….. Then it all got caught in the fan blades. What a mess.

How to lose your fleet.
As I have mentioned before my back ground is sports coaching/education outdoor education. I’m used to taking people into difficult and dangerous situations for the first time. Not only as a white water raft guide with clients but also training new raft guides up. So although death wasn’t an outcome for a bombers bar roam. People gauge an activity from there first experience. Taking newbie/clients out you need to do every thing smother cleaner and slicker and with no mistakes. So remember this is a newbie training session, a lot of new Bros with brand new bombers…. The FC orders us to jump through, as my screen loads, I first notice multiple bubbles, then I see about fifteen republic firetails, some crows and other assorted battle cruisers in other words an established gate camp. The FC starts calling out primaries. I make a split second decision, I determine the shortest route out of the bubble head that way and cloak up.  Yes I left my wing men I’m sorry Iceman.  Approximately 20 bombers died in less than a minute including the FC and our recons. About 5 of us made it through. What had gone wrong….. Not scouting the gate. We jumped into the perfect anti bomber camp, two medium bubbles with a lot of debris inside the the bubbles and lots of frigates zipping inside the bubbles. So a lot of new bombers lasted less than a minute not the best first experience. Things to learn, Scout the gate. Once the gate is scouted, if the situation is dicey, make a plan, explain the plan then execute the plan. Oh so very easy to have out wisdom with hindsight. But using a very simple teaching method called Kolb’s cycle let’s examine the lesson.

PLAN ——–> DO ——–> REVIEW —|
       ^                                                    |

Plan, do, review the mainstay of my teaching arsenal from little 7 years old kayaking on a shallow lake to scareing new raft guides on grade V white water.
In my head my plan was get involved in a camp get some kills don’t loose my bomber by doing something stupid. So I know what’s stupid  in a bomber, I think.
So I do what the FC says I jump thorough trusting the fact that this is a bombers bar FC and he knows what he is doing. Seen as my plan has already gone through the review stage of this cycle I made the choice to disregard the primaries been called from my review stage I knew engaging frigates at point blank range is stupid. My plan involved not doing stupid things so I ran and hid. Doing what cloakies are supposed to do. Review so in 2 nights I’ve been with an FC that has made dubious calls, but as this is a game and they aren’t been paid for this…. We shall let them off. On review next time I’m with a fleet mention scouting, offer to scout if there is no one else willing to do it.

See you on the other side…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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2 Responses to Bombers Bar

  1. Beetle says:

    You stayed cool and got out, I guess that’s a plus for your survival skills.
    Bombers bar sounds interesting, maybe I’ll take a look at this. I’m currently training my frigate 5 skills and aiming for the Nemesis.

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