On going diversification

I always seem to be poor. Not really poor not I have to go mining/mission running poor but the balance is always very low. But taking into consideration that I’m continually expanding my industrial output which I have been doing since I started this game in 09. I don’t play eve to make money as my prime goal unlike say gevlon goblin, making money is a response to my need to produce goods. Everything I make is profitable it has to be it’s nearly 2 years since I sat in a hulk and mined minerals. I know this got I got suicide ganked and never went back to mining.
I got asked by a new corp member about what products he should start producing. So I quickly scanned what I was producing at that moment in time picked some cheap BPOs that a few month old character would be able to afford and sent him off a mail. He got back to me with a little indignation I might add that only one of the bpos was profitable. I was pleased to know that my new bro had used some research and looked into the profits and not just taken my word for it, but dissapointed that he logged off before I was able to share some knowledge.

Don’t believe everything that market apps tell you. T1 manufacture can be highly profitable enough so that I still produce modules to fill the gaps in my production schedule. The T1 market is flooded I admit, but we have all been there need a quick fit for a ship not going to fly to jita for a simple frigate destroyer fit. Local markets. Low volume but good profits. Looking in at my local stations next door ice mining, get ore/ice mining stuff on the market, I often have retrievers/mackinaws with very healthy margins.Then a whole heap of modules. A local Indy produces lots of ships, so I’m not going to compete with them im going to help who ever they are by selling modules for ship fits. He sells a ship I sell 5 or 6 modules. So my new bro looked at eve isk per hour and instantly dismissed the t1 products I mentioned cause at jita more than likely they are sold at a loss. A few jumps from jita there can be a handsome profit on everything just don’t expect to be flipping 50k scourge heavies in a few seconds.

capital manufacture.
I have 2 capital carrier bpos a Thanatos’s and archon the margins on these have been slowly eroded seen as a lot of people became rich from running incursions and invested in bpos. Earlier this week some thanatos where on sale for less than production cost, not jita mineral cost but local market mineral cost. SDI in likely to have my Thanatos’s sitting on the market for a while. But archon’s still have a good market and sell well. I have another archon coming off the line in a day and a half time. Nearly have enough minerals for my next one. Though I’m nearly out of zydrine. Still eager to get into the dreadnaught market. But for that I need a freighter.

Jita trading
Still not mastered this, I keep dabbling but I’m maybe not pushing it far enough to start reaping rewards.

T2 manufacture
This product wing is nearly at full steam at the moment, got 6 lines producing ships the other four lines are producing modules those lines are normally for T3 production but this is not back online yet. Some of the T2 module are selling faster than I can actually produce them which is great. These modules are just been sold on the local market so don’t even have to transfer them to jita to sell. I have 4 falcons ready to go to jita at the moment these should ship in the next few days.

Not started back up yet but have got the raw materials in ready.

So I have fingers in many pies, useful if someone crashes the market. I can endure and just shift. So diversification is the key. A way that eve emulates real life.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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