Cash injection

one of the guys in my corp is taking some time away from eve. He was sitting on multi billion isk sum. So been a little cheeky I asked if he wanted to invest it. We settled on the sum of 5 billion ISK at 10%. So now my capital production arm has a large amount of liquid Isk. So plans, I don’t know when he will actually be back so that needs to be taken into account. So what have I done so far with all this money, Is bought substantial quantities of zydrine, megacyte and isogen the materials that can not be filled easily with buy orders in hisec or low sec. These mats will be freightered down to my hisec staging system from jita. I’ve put up large buy orders for the easy to obtain minerals in my hisec staging system. All pretty standard stuff as you would expect now that’s still leaving me with a nice amount of liquid isk to play with…. Time to look at a nice big fat BPO. Yeah I’m going for a dreadnaught hull. Even if the guy only takes 2 months away from eve with the injection of isk I should be able to have my carrier bpo,s working full time.
Yesterday in my post I  mentioned that thanatos hulls had gone below cost locally, well done, people must have blown there ships up cause my Thanatos did sell today. Very handy so that’s an extra billion in my corps balance sheet. A new archon can go into production in 2 days as soon as the present one is delivered. With the amount of Loose change jangling in my pocket I’m going to get the skill books for a freighter. The Charon I do think it looks the best freighter in my humble opinion. I should be able to fly it in about 50 days.
As my production out put increases I’m going to have to involve my partner more. At the moment I do all the logistics he owns a handful of the BPOs. We split the the profits evenly at the moment I pay myself and partner 50 million a carrier, which doesn’t sound a great deal and doesn’t feel it either but,  low profits meant more money could be invested in buying more minerals helping to expand the business. What I need to do is play with my spreadsheets, adjust them so I can work out how much to pay my partner to produce 425mm guns for mineral compression. To offload a little of the work. Well 2 posts in 2 days might be getting back into the swing of things.

See you on the other side…


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