Patch Day.

So the patch comes in at just over 1 Gb, so that’s 5% of my monthly download allowance. But I’m excited about the UI changes a move in the right direction hopefully and a promise of some industrial UI improvements. Yes please thank you very much!

After this patch downloads I have a golem to take to jita and a stack of moon goo to bring home. It is now definite that i wont get a Anshar into production in time for next months PLEX time. Rubbish. Damn Corp theft.

I’m feeling the need now that I have written a few blogs again to do another guide. Not sure what on. My most read post is about PI and Fuel. There have been a number of very good post recently about invention. I don’t think I can add much to them in any way. But maybe I might do a simplified intro guide to something. I also think I need to improve my blog skills. Even though english is my native language I have never been all that hot at expressing myself through the written media maybe that’s why I became a sports coach. Water and writing don’t mix.

See you on the other side….

About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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