I ain’t been dropping no eaves…

Well over the last few nights I have been having fun watching my manticores blow up. So I’m spending an hour or 3 doing Indy stuff then come late night I’m joining bombers bar. For there gate camps.  I seem to on average loose one bomber a night. Not so good when I seem to be only getting frigate/destroyer kills in return. Tonight I got on 2 kills though it was a bit odd. There was no sanctioned FC out there with us. We where just eager to have fun playing hide and seek with the locals. I’d love to learn to FC but I need to learn so much about the different types of ship there abilities weather they are a viable target etc. Need to get them FC’s teaching me stuff.

Going from strength to strength, which is nice! Moved over 800 mill of high end Down to my carrier production area today. Got half way there when I realised I had left a bpo that if researched up for this character behind…  Will have to be on the next run. While I was traveling that way I picked up the skill books required for piloting a freighter. Which will make it easier for my toon to collect materials. Less time doing logistics will be nice.
I’m just put one archon up for sale and am just a little short on the mineral to build 2 carriers with 3 bill of cash reserves. I am getting more and more tempted by the dreadnaught bpo.

The daily grind.

Well I have spent far too much time grinding standings for laid dai over the past year or two. Mainly running distribution missions. I havn’t actually run any combat missions in a long time. But last night while sitting for an fc I looked in my hanger to see what I had. I found 3 ships, caracal, drake and raven none of them fully fitted all with components missing. My old drake, it’s not my first one I lost that in low sec. It’s the second one I built it myself from minerals I mined I was very proud of it. First ship I ever rigged, got rubbish advice and put extenders and purger Riggs in it. Which it still has. I had to remove one of the launchers from the fit then scrounged around looking for parts to make it flyable. I managed to get a drake sorted with a few dead space modules. It was flyable it would do the job, tally ho! So found my local agent. I didn’t dare do a level 4 in so out of practice. So I ran a few level 3’s dual boxing with my ALTs tengu.  Overkill. Just a little.  But I might have to either deck out my raven or build /buy myself something more bling. When I started this blog off it was going to be about PvP but that didn’t take off. I really do enjoy building stuff. I’m enjoying the slightly more social aspect of been in bombers bar. So what to try next, im tempted with running incursions. Getting very close to 100 million sp on my main and I’ve got so much of eve yet to try. Incursions hopefully would equal steady income, get used to working in a fleet, be more sociable within eve. Id probably start off as a logistics cruiser pilot, low Isk entry requirement well a couple of hundred million. I have logistics to V and I can build the hulls.

I’m still thinking about what kind of Guide to write. Watch this space.

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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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