January’s summary

Post Christmas, eve playing has been steady, Logging on at least a few hours every day. No new product lines added this month, mainly due to do corp theft and then having to start replacing the high sec peek from my own funds. After the theft I brought my tech 2 products on line first due to the diverse products I could deliver both caldari, gallente and ore ships but also tech 2 modules. Over the last few days I’ve brought my t3 production line up to speed. In production at the moment in high security space I have 8 arazu recon cruisers, 8 falcon recon cruisers, 4 mackinaws, 3 manticores and 15 tengus. I am also within about 2 days of placing an anshar jump freighter in production. Overall very pleased that my industry is nearly back at full tilt. It has been helped along by my module production that has gone on the local market, earlier today I had just over a billion on my local market a few ships but mainly rigs and modules. Checking my figures this diversification on my markets has over the last week on average brought in 45 million a day. The last 2 days I’ve sold 100 million of modules. I now have a total of nearly 250 tech 2 BPOs in stock and about 15 of ships. this gives me some flexibility on what I produce means I can put modules onto cook just before they run out, but allows me to efficiently decide what modules/ships to copy.

I need to learn more about armour tanking, the reason been I can open my production up to that market. I presently produce stuff only for shield tanking ships.

Capital Production
Cash injection of 5 billion isk,  1 billion was instantly spent on purchasing high end minerals from jita and numerous skill books getting ready to fly a freighter. 2billion isk worth of buy orders where posted up in the local area. Removing the need to sell a carrier before I could buy minerals for the next ship. At present I have 1 Archon in production and have 50% of the components ready for the next carrier. As one buy order is fulfilled I can instantly add a new one with the balance I have. All bonus has been paid so I am up-to-date with that.

Personal Progression
I finish medium arty v in the next few hours, there is only small pulse beam lasers that I can’t use the tech ii version of at them moment. In going to take all the large versions of weapons up to level IV over the next period. I also need to learn the interceptor skill and the HAC skill. I’ve got back into my Manticores bomber. In not doing as well as I did at the start of 2013, a few silly mistakes I’ve made. The increase of intercepters on gate camps has made the bombers life harder. I’ve been flying with what I think are newer FC’s that are learning there trade which I can’t fault. But I’m having fun and don’t Blanche at the thought of been podded!

See you on the other side….


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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