Jita moon IV Caldari Navy

Everyone ends up there at one point or another. Not everyone makes the pilgrimage to the eve gate but everyone prays at jita and what God do they all worship.. Isk, money just like in real life its more important to have money than skill. You can have all the skill s in eve but without Isk it means nothing. Skill isn’t enough to survive In eve.

Jita is the biggest trade hub in the eve universe. Null sec alliances come here to sell there moon goo. Mission runners come here to sell there loot and buy new ships. Industrialists come here to buy moon goo off the null sec alliances to produce ships and weapons so mission runners can mission and null sec alliances can claim domination over whole swathes of space.

Most products that are bought and sold each day is done through jita. There are other trade centres and many local markets around mission running hubs or at null/hisec boundaries. But if you want to make a big purchase it’s most likely you will go to jita to buy it because it’s likely to be the cheapest place to purchase said item. Occasionally another hub might have a module cheaper but do you want to jump all across new Eden just to save a few mil on a module. If you do a job as a trader is ready for you.
Because a vast number of people go to jita to both buy and sell it often the place where you can sell the most product with the least profit. Indeed you need to relay on volume to make it worth while. I transport ships in 1 bill blocks so that could be 4 tech II cruisers and 2 mackinaws I’m relaying on the amount of people passing through there will buy my ships before someone else come and puts there ships on the market. If you produce tech 2 ammo  a 10 run  heavy missile bpc will give you 50,000 missiles. This could take along time to sell anywhere but in jita on the market  you might be able to sell 100’s of thousands of them in a few seconds. Big alliances need lots of ammo they measure there worth in 100’s of billions or even trillions. Flipping A few million on ammo barely touches their budget. That’s why industrialists want to go to jita to sell. Fast money.

Let’s look at this from a miners point of view.  Prices are normally quoted in relevance to jita, there a base line. It didn’t matter what it is. Its a standard. But as a miner in hisec is it worth you time shipping it to jita to sell it at this ‘Stadard’ price. No. No honestly not even a little bit, flying to and from jita with a haul of minerals unless your shipping a freighter full is just wasting time you would have better spent mining. So what does the miner do he sells locally to a buy order it’s more than likely going to be less than jitas price but then he hasn’t had to make the slow boring trip to jita. He can get back to what he does and cycle his lasers at poor unsuspecting scordite ‘roids. Most miners generally move onto making products to sell at jita often these products are ammo due to the high volume traded and the cost of the blueprints. But often the tech 1 ammo is sold below the cost of buying the raw minerals at jita. So the industrialist is not been paid for the extra skills he has. (Remember I said skill wasn’t enough.)

Imagine a product that using jita standard prices costs 1000 isk to produce but in jita sells for 1100 isk. 10% profit not bad but the market changes people see this 10% and Want a bit of that pie. That profit margin will vary over time as mineral prices react to market demands. If the jita market is turning over large sums of these products the poor industrialist will either need to baby sit his order or just hope it sells before more sales are put up. The player could chose to train up an alt for trading purposes so he can baby sit his orders so they sell quickly. It’s an option that I will cover at a later date. So what is the miner/industrialist to do. Find a smaller market hub where hopefully less volume of goods equates to higher price. For example shuttles sell everywhere. With a good margin for a new player your never going to be able to buy a titan or super cap on just shuttle sales well not in this lifetime anyway. In jita they hang around cost price most of the time unless your lucky and get there just after a big alliance has just bought a huge stack of them.
I produce mining exhumers mainly the mackinaw a few weeks ago in jita they where selling nicely at 185 million each with a healthy margin on them, next door is a system where ice mining occurs. I had two ships on the market for 200 million that’s an extra 30 million profit for moving my ships one jump to sell them. I also sell retrievers as well in that system for the new miner they sell giving me approx an extra 15 to 20% margin over jita. They sell slower but with that extra margin I can’t complain. I also keep some tech 1 & 2 modules in stock so people can fit up there whole ship without leaving the system. Produce it and they will come. In a future post in going to look at what modules can be lucrative for a new tech 1 manufactures to produce with high margins and good sales figures and some that are not…. At this time.

See you on the other side….

Edit spelling mistakes and bloody autocorrect on my tablet.


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