Incursion part 2

Well I had jumped home to do some industry get some tech 2 bpcs ready. Sort out some buy orders on my jita alt. House keeping really nothing massively important. The incursions had both been popped, the Sansha Mothership had been destroyed, so for awhile there was no hisec incursion. Then on a whim I just checked to see if one has respawned. Yes it had and I was in luck 4 jumps away. Result. So I x’ed up in channel posted my fit. Got a few pointers to get it ready for a new incursion bought 2 new modules a caldari navy PDS and a dead space EM amp. Handy jita only been 3 jumps away. Yet again I had a huge amount of fun, been red boxed by a full room of sansha is very exciting. Gives a nice buzz! We got the sansha’s influence all the way down so I earn’t my first tag on the warp To me team speak server. We had a few logistics IV basilisk pilots in the incursion, this alters how useful we can be to the fleet in our secondary role as cap transfers. A logistics V pilot is cap stable with only one incoming transfer from another ship, a logo IV needs 2 ships transferring or 1 ship transferring both cap transferees. So logistics V pilots use there cap transfer to help other ships. Now we had a few problems of BS’s not getting there transfers but we few could only transfer so much. But I did think we worked really hard we didn’t lose a single ship. Hero repping! Hopefully the incursion will still be there later when im rested and recovered. One upgrade that I need is the tech 2 shield extender every little helps. Looking at implants i would like to fit myself up with the genolution series implants but the 03 and 04 implants are over a bilion isk. So that idea was a no go.

I have been hearing rumours that the Goonswarm alliance is planning a burn jita event, now this is purely scuttlebutt at the moment. I’ve not looked into it further but there was a bit of talk about it on com’s during the day. Though pilots interdicting the biggest trade hub is a pain in the neck, it might continue to capture new payers by showing them what can occur in the sandbox!

I hate talking on com’s. My corp mates start up with the friendly banter if I jump onto com’s with them Because I So rarely go on. Now for both bombers bar and warptome I’m happy to be on com but I never talk. Odd seen as I have delivered classroom based training sessions/seminars to rooms of 100 people but can’t talk to strangers on the other end of the mic.

In the years I’ve played eve i have very rarely come across women players, less than 5! I only found out yesterday that one of the girls in corp is actually a girl. Yeah a real girl. Not just an avatar. My fault for not going on com’s I guess. Well last night I had my first female FC which was cool a slightly less aggressive tone with people not doing what they should. But all the experience of a mother behind the orders none of us wanted to hear her ‘mothers voice’ so we where all good and played nicely!

See you on the other side…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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