The other night after running some Level 3 missions the day before i was contemplating getting myself a new Level 4 mission running ship. Probably a Caldari Navy Raven, because I was just going to go to Jita and buy it! But I decided to do something else… as the Title implies I decided on an incursion instead. I have the logistics skill to 5 so i jumped to Jita and started splashing cash on a Basilisk. Much to my dismay before i remapped my skills I hadn’t trained into T2 remote repairers so i can only use meta 4’s but i’m sorting that out now and training them up. When i got to the system posted my fit, and had to go and change out one of my modules which i did and got into a fleet within half an hour. Not bad i’ve heard of people waiting hours to get into a fleet.


I joined a ‘WarpToMe’ Fleet, I was very upfront and told both the Fleet Commander and the logistics commander that i’d never run an incursion before i thought it was only fair cause some people have very shiny ships, but they where cool with that. Talking to some of my corp mates who run a lot of incursions laughed at me for joining that fleet. But is it better to be sat around hoping you get fleeted by an elite incursion running squad, or get maybe a lower level of income because the sites are run slower, but actually spend your time earning! WarpToMe does take sub optimal fits, so for example i wouldn’t get an invite for a Incursion Shiny Network (ISN) because i’m not using T2 remote reppers.

I have run 27 incursions over 2 days which has earn’t me 189,000 Concord Loyalty Points and just under 800 million isk, which is more than i make doing industry! 


I had a lot of fun and got myself a little rush of adrenaline, managed to be lucky and escape death with only 9% structure, its scary when your webbed, painted and scrammed in your new ship that hasnt paid for itself yet. think it was like my 3rd or 4th mission. As a Logistics pilot there isn’t a great deal to learn, but what you are learning is in combat so it can be a little daunting. It also didnt help that i had multiple different Logistic Commanders who did things differently and i was joined by other people who where new to incursions but didn’t actually mention it. i felt like a noob when i had to broadcast to fleet that i was out of Capacitor. I’m just not used to a shield booster and been in charge of my own shield not having other people repping me..


This is my present fit. Things I need to do is upgrade my remote reppers and capacitor transmitters, change out my reactor control unit for  a naval power diagnostics system and change the extender to a tech II.

[Basilisk, Incursion]

True Sansha Reactor Control Unit
Damage Control II

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Dread Guristas EM Ward Field
10MN Afterburner II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Federation Navy Tracking Computer

Large S95a Remote Shield Booster
Large S95a Remote Shield Booster
Large S95a Remote Shield Booster
Large S95a Remote Shield Booster
Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter

Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I


So why was I running out of capacitor… Let me explain. This set up requires multiple basilisks to work together transmitting capacitor between you team. You set up a chain so if for example your basilisk squad looks like this:






You need to do a number of things as you land on grid, if i was ILogi as soon as I hit grid I target 3 people, the logistics anchor which is a Battleship of some description which you get told about when you join fleet. you start orbitting and hit your afterburner. You also target the 2 basilisks next to you in the fleet channel. So in ILogi’s case that would be BLogi and Xlogi you then start transmitting them Cap. As soon as that’s done you then look for fleet members calling for shields so you can start repping them. Now The basi set up actually only needs 1 repper active on it to be cap stable so it means that when battleship call for cap during the battle we can transfer it to them without breaking the chain. you always unhook your downwards rep, so Xlogi would lose there cap transfer from me but would still get it from ALogi. The reason you set up your transfers both ways is because you dont always arrive on grid at the same time so its a safety precaution to make sure that the poor BS thats taking the alpha from all the sansha can get repped straight away. So what was happening was i was landing on grid locking all the ships up i needed to and transfering 2 loads of cap as soon as i do that i have 1m5s of capacitor if i activate 1 remote shield booster im down to 40s if i’m not having cap transfered to me by my fleet,  if i activate a second repper im down to 32 seconds if my capacitor was full, but its not because I’ve already been running other modules. Now if that poor BS is taking a hammering and I’ve not staballised the shields to 50% i’m going to hit that 3rd repper. boom capacitor lasts 24 s at full i’m no where near full its probably been less than 10 seconds since i activated my cap transfers, I notice I’m nearly out of cap I broadcast for cap the Battleship is screaming for shields and my Logi team mates are scratching there butts and picking there noses! I had the FC and the LC ask me if i was running the fit i had posted in chat. I was a little vexed at this. But i kept my cool and calmly mentioned that if i’m not receiving cap i cant rep ships if i’m low on cap i’m going to call for it. Becoming a Logistics pilot is the cheapest option to joining up with incursion fleets my ship and fittings come in at less than 500 million isk. Its is neither a bog standard Tech II fit or stupidly Bling, The logistics ship is paper thin compared to a Battleship and has to rely on the Logi team keeping an eye on each other through the watch list, Speed tanking and low signature radius. Will i be back for more… Yes I will I loved it, will i stop doing industry and take up incursion running full time. No i like my industry and making stuff. If you take anything away from this post if you are a new logistics pilot tell the logi team. We want you/need you to be doing the things together its called teamwork!


See you on the other side…


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