Getting a rush!

So I might have done many things in my past that involve purposely putting myself into exciting situations! We all know it as the adrenaline flows into or system is an amazing feeling. The ‘rush’ now I’ve spoken about it before when I’ve talked about getting involved in PvP, but today I had that same rush while doing PVE. Yes doing more incursion running. As usual running with warptome I had run a handful of sites so was in the zone, cap and shield transferring to ships like a hero. This was going well. Then one of the more squishy ships in the fleet took full agro. I kept throwing on shield transfers till I had all 4 up and running as he dropped to less than about 5% shields I started to over heat, he continued taking damage. The sansha chewed through his armour into structure and finally we managed to stabalize him. I quickly turned off my over heat and dropped down to just 2 reps. Then noticed I had been yellow boxed, I called for reps. But I had full room agro and ended up in my pod. As I warped off I didn’t feel annoyed that id lost a ship, I was elated! I had saved a battleship yes my ship had died but I had done my job! As my pod landed in station I was smiling from ear to ear I felt good.

I rushed straight off to jita to buy myself a new basilisk. Needed to get back into the fray get that feeling again.

logi hero reppers.
That’s what we do, it’s a thankless task most of the time. If a ship broadcasts late it’s generally ‘the Logi where asleep’ or whinning that the 3 basilisks in fleet are not giving them cap as soon as they call for it. Honestly I never want to be in a fleet with rohks again, they are so cap hungry. I had 3 locked up permantely and just cycled through them every minute or so. Honestly tech 1 BS’s are not tough enough for incursions. Fact! Been a logi is an intense job. Your doing a number of jobs as a cap basilisk. Your looking out for shield calls and cap calls, keeping an eye on your watch list which consists of everyone in the logi squad, fleet anchors and special snowflake ships. Your keeping an eye out for dc’s for repping of the ship as it warps off. Making sure your not been targeted and if you are make the call for repps in time. You need to mange your reppers, balance this with how much damaged is been done to other ships. It can get hairy if the sansha split there fire. Keeping an eye on your cap transfer buddy(s) so it’s pretty intense and I’m loving it.

See you on the other side…


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