Special Snowflakes

Well I logged in, got some industry comlpeted, realised that I must have left a stack of moon products in jita so could not finish my build runs for a jump freighter. Logged on my jita alt yes I had there was the stack in the hanger. My first mistake but not my last. Threw up some buy and sell orders in jita. Bought new implants to improve my ability to logi, zors hyperlink to give me a boost when I have my prop module lit. A 1% implant to squeeze more grid to fit shiny modules. I traded in my tech 2 afterburner for a republic fleet one. My future implants I’m  thinking about but not looked into yet is an agility implant and a shield implant. More research to be done. After I had done my industry and shopping it was time to burn to the high sec incursion, 20 odd jumps away. Not a problem so off I warped. As I mentioned I lost my basilisk the other day, well warp to me run a ship replacement program they paid out so I got 240 million in the bank. Make a note of this number……

So I end up very quickly in fleet thankfully! Did 2 sites then the LC stepped down and I had a moment of weakness and volunteered myself. So I spent most of my evening as the logistics commander of a very small bunch of basilisks. At one point I was the only basilisk in fleet and was trying to orbit in cap transfer range of a nightmare! Not very easy.

Logistics pilots know how good your tank is when we are repping your ship in the incursion site. We spend a lot of time balancing a number of ships repair amounts. We know if a logistics ship gets locked the shield amount is going to yoyo a lot, standard. Navy issue ships are generally have shields like an egg shell as well. People flying Vindi’s and other pirate battleships should have a fairly sturdy tank. Dont even mention rohks to me! If we have just one weak ship in fleet we can generally compensate for this having that one ship locked all the time is a good start, tell all the other logi pilots about the ship etc. But when you have 2 or 3 ships that are sub optimal it can get very close to painful for logistics pilots. Oddly enough I was in an another channel  none incursion related and spotted one of the pilots I was spending a lot of time repping, I asked if he was going to spend money on some better resist modules. His replay basically yeah I know I’m flying a ship that has a sebo on it instead of a some tanking module and his fit was a tech 2 basic fit to start with. So the fit he was flying was not what he had posted to fleet. Argh! I felt very torn, if you fly a sub optimal fit in a level 4 mission it’s your boat on the line. Fly an incursion it might not be your boat that dies, when a logistics pilot hero reps with all 4 reppers with overheat he is likely to get full room agro. If the logi team are struggling to keep a battleship alive a poor basilisk/scimitar has no chance. Of like this evening I would have a minimum of three ships been repped generally the three same ships and agro would shift and all of a sudden one poor unsuspecting ship was deep into armour. The FC’s response “wake up logi” – grrrrr. So back to this special snowflake ship I wanted to tell the FC cause he was causing a problem for the logi crew but I wouldn’t be able to prove it. Didn’t want to make a scene. It’s a drop in fleet that has fairly low standards of entry. The other fun event of the night a pilot with logistics to V but poor cap management skills who was unstable without 2 cap transfers. Why me..
So at the end of the incursion running we  tip the boosters instead of tipping 23 million, I added an extra 0. 230 million tip what a mistake to make. Arch. Remembered the number from the ship replacement programme. Yep. Good.
But the good news I’ve made my plex on my capital production account 18 days early.

See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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