More incursion running.

Incursions are not designed for new players, which is not a bad thing. There is both a skill and isk entry requirement. Warp to me has the lowest of the entry level requirements from what I can understand for players to run incursions. Warp to me does allow some tech 1 ships in, the maelstrom and the rokh. Egg shell defences. But a battleship and a handful of tech 2 modules and you are good to go. As I might have mentioned logistics know if you have good resists or not. So my basilisk is a good level of fit im not scimping or fitting stupidly expensive modules. The logistics tank is paper thin. I use tech 2 adaptive invuln fields because there is no decent alternative, faction and dead space are expensive. Tech 2 rigs worth every bit of  isk. Helps Get the most out of my ship don’t mind the 30 to 40 million price tag each. Tech 2 shield reppers cost effective, faction repper just are not worth it. Meta four cap transfers, this is the secondary skill for basilisks. Logistic basilisk pilots cap transfer between all the basilisks in the fleet which actually keeps us cap stable and able to use all our modules. But we also have if the logi pilots are level 5 a spare cap transfer for fleet use, rohks, raven navy issues, low sp pilots or cheap fit  vindicators. Or Mach pilots that left there prop mod lit. oops. In certain waves some of the battleships have neutes, instantly zapping all your cap. So we are there to transfer to them in emergencies. I have a pithium c type shield amp. So if I’m neuted by the sansha battleships and loose power to my invulnerability fields I will still have some resist in the EM slot. In my low slots a damage control II – standard issue why leave home without it. And the caldari navy power diagnostics unit a nice purchase for about 30 million isk. This module does a 3 handy boosts to my bonuses increase my power grid, capacitor recharge and maximum shield amount. The last module which i purchased yesterday, my republic fleet 10MN afterburner a little more speed and easier to fit. So getting into the  basilisk costs less than 270 million isk. The big boys pirate battleships cost over a billion isk. Very easy to spend 2 billion on a good fit, very easy to get a 4 billion isk fit without going officer modules. So a lot cheaper to get into and less skill intensive. But you are looking at a long term investment, not something to train into overnight for a new player. But the break even point for a basilisk 10 headquarter sites. Not a bad deal really.

Another night same incursion spot.

Yes, no travelling today. I’ve been asked by corp mates why I’m flying with ‘Warp To Me’ it’s because I’m learning. I’m honing my skills. I’m maybe not making the optimum isk/hr that I could. But I don’t mind, we do play this game to have fun. Not everyone would describe been a logistics pilot as fun, it can be stressful balancing reps on multiple different ships and shifting agro and late calls by pilots. But at the moment it’s exiting and fun. Though tonight I did nearly quit the fleet. Now over the last few nights I’ve got used to the regulars who log on, a few of us put a number of hours in. We notice a difference as the night goes on with the quality of fits. Late afternoon/ early evening EVE time are some of the poorest fits we see lots of special snowflake ships and sub optimal player skills. As the evening progress we get better fits and our life becomes easier. From my uneducated stand point as a mere level 4 mission runner and stealth bomber pilot, if you press F1 to make your money. You target red cross in the right order and press F1, turn off a few mods to conserve cap, check to see if the red cross is dead, if it is click next targeted rat and target a new rat. So battleship pilots spend time looking at those rats, so you might think they would spot then turning into yellow boxes then red ones. If a pilot notices while he is been yellow boxed we can have him locked before he is damaged and activated one shield repper on him ready, giving us time to remove reppers from other ships, a pilot giving a late call you will lock him and most of his shields will have gone. Now a combination of low resists poor piloting calls often leads to ships dropping into armour. Which this is a sub optimal fleet it can be expected. Not all us basilisk pilots are as effective as we could be all the time. I’ve accidentally my self removed the cap transfers from a buddy and broken the chain. I’ve only flown incursions for 5 days. But constant gripping of the FC to ‘wake up logis’ did we loose a single ship, not even a T1 hull. No, did I leave a trail of fire around one sight after I had hero repped a dying battleship all 4 reppers over heated then immediate agro switch to me. As all logis had had the battleship been repped they needed to cycle there reppers before they can apply them to me. Ouch it’s a little scary watching your structure disappear. Do we the logistics get a well done for saving him.. No we don’t. “Wake up logis.” That’s our lot in life.

I messaged the booster pilot that I had sent the 230 million to accidentally, asking for a little refund, which I’m happy to say he did. Got 207 mill back which I honestly didn’t expect to see. Excellent.

I’m enjoying the change of pace from running incursions, loving watching my balance rise. Its nice chatting to a few other people. The money I’ve made so far from incursions has bought 2 plex for my accounts approximately 20 days early giving me a little margin not desperate month to month. A small amount has been used to pimp my ship and plug in a few implants. The rest has been funneled back into my industry, purchasing moon goo and sleeper salvage. My capital production character is 16 days away from flying a freighter. That will make moving large amounts of minerals around so much easier. At the moment I’m 5 days away from another archon to go into the market got over half the components ready for a Thanatos.

See you on the other side…..


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