Joining a corp.

When I first started playing eve I blindly joined the first corporation that approached me! But I was new was overwhelmed by so many things to learn, awed by the graphics. I honestly think it stunted my development in eve. I think taking on new players Is difficult for a corp. Fear! Is it really a new player or an alt trying to awox, or a spy for an upcoming war Dec. The first few corps I joined I got nothing from them and gave both time and minerals to corp mining events. Then it all changed with finding the right corp. I had a character offer me some advice. Gave me a loan and set me off with a clear plan. One month later I came back repaid my loan and was then in a position to start my manufacturing empire. As many corps do it collapsed but I moved on and found another good corp. It was well run we had meetings, we where made aware of what was happening what as expected etc. It was also my first introduction to POS’s. When the corp collapsed after a failed WH move then null move. I took a risk, blindly followed my missioning partner across new Eden to a corp I knew nothing about. Best move I made! I met my present CEO in that corp over 2 years ago. We have both come along way together.

Choosing a corp?
When you First start eve things are overwhelming this is not a theme park ride on rails. One of the important things  is too make contacts which is easy you start in an NPC corporation with lots of new players but even better alts of experienced players. Now some of these players would like nothing better than to crack upon your skull and slurp your brain up through a straw. So be very cautious you don’t want to end up been a Lolz killmail! But people will hand out genuine free advice, point you in the right direction. Play around for a while decide what you want to go and do. Or what you want to make a more serious attempt at having a go. If your not sure what you want to try but would like a surportive environment try one of the training corporations the most well known been eve university, but there are others out there. As always Google is your friend. Be warry of a hi sec corp with null aspirations I’ve never had any luck with that type of corp. Oh and don’t trust goonswarm recruitment officers it’s a scam.

See you on the other side…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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