I spend most of my time on incursions listening to the discussions on team speak. Only talking generally as necessary for the logistics commander to speak. I admit i wish I could bang my head off the keyboard when some one pips up with the question about the upcoming drone changes. That question is generally asked about every 2 hours. Then there are the Americans that just want to talk about the military. One of my least favourite topics that people discuss is guns. I state this now I have no problems with guns. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching kids/adults to shoot air rifles as part of my job in the outdoors. But I’m English so the people with guns are special police units, the military and bad men. Yes I know there are other groups with guns, the landed gentry, farmers etc. But we don’t have a gun culture as such. It’s not like the conversation held by the minority are for example hunting rifles, no they are talking about sidearms and personal defence. I find this a little unsavoury, funnily enough their happy to be on coms with there kids around and tell people off for mildly offensive words while extolling the stopping power of a hand gun. The difference in culture I suppose.
The conversation on com’s that annoys me the most is talking about griefing.

I’m talking about a sustained effort to spoil someone else’s enjoyment of the game. The point has been raised with the influx of new players will a certain group prey on these raw recruits. To many players getting ganked is an operational hazard. We factor in this risk assessment as we go about our daily business. For example if someone blows up my freighter on the way to jita I’ve lost 1 bill of ships/product and 1.2 billion freighter. That’s not griefing that’s a gank and the price of doing business at jita. But for me life would continue. If a few day old character who had done the mission grind to get himself a cruiser. Has that ship/landmark achievement destroyed by some dick in a thrasher having lolz. To the griefer it’s a cruiser he could probably buy a hundred and fit them and not even sweat about it. To the player griefed it’s the last few days wasted. Oh well quit and uninstall. The normal response from the griefer is he was doing the community a favour by getting rid of the weak. I say you are a dick, A bully and the community would be far better if you where the one to quit and uninstall and let new players explore new Eden. Nearly every item in your hanger is player created/collected. So imagine a triangle at the base to provide strength to the construct we have miners hopefully producing mass amounts of minerals. At the top you have some guy in a titan balanced precariously on the work of untold hundreds. In between we have industry moguls, missioners, explorers, incursion runners, low sec pirates, faction warfare pilots, null sec alliances. None of these act as an island, without industry moguls who would null sec sell there moon too to. Without pirates, faction and null sec blowing ships up who would moguls sell there ships to and who would buy all the minerals from the miners. The explorer buys ships from moguls or  maybe mission runners for a faction ship. But in return sold dead space modules to everyone, data cores to moguls and offers himself as a tempting target for pirates. It is a complex organism that needs to grow and thrive be joined by new fresh blood. Or the whole will stagnate and die and the game that we play will be no more. Many bloggers have shown graphs where there are less new players but more accounts the beggining of the system starting to stagnate. So unless you want to mine enough minerals to make your own titan I’d stop to think before harrasing newbies. If you do want to go and harass a group of people could I humbly point you in the direction in the northern area of the map. They are nice and rich and would appreciate the attention I’m sure. Oh you are goonswarm. Oh well worth a try.

See you on the other side…..


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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