At the moment everything seems to be conspiring to keep me from playing eve. I mean loosing 2 jobs in 2 months, due to no work available. Moving house. Lack of WiFi, well till last week anyway. Finally windows collapsing under the weight of it self basically. I’m sat at my computer re installing everything. I’m not even close to putting eve back on my machine. I’m patiently waiting for my original 320gb HD to format. Already formatted the SSD. Oh and I’m freezing my bits off cause we have no gas/hot water. Writing this on my nexus again, don’t know which is colder my fingers or my nose.


Ground to a halt basically. But it did manage at one point I had 10b up in sales, which was nice to see. Capital lowsec project was moving along nicely. Churning out archon’s and thanatos as quickly as I could buy the minerals for them.
I’ve read the Dev blog about mineral compression. Looks to me like they will be squeezing out small time producers. I don’t have access to a roqual. Yes I understand that CCP wants to make producing capitals a group effort. But from where I’m sat it just seems that they want to push me somewhere I don’t want to go. Now I’m going to have to crunch numbers etc and see how the market fluctuates, but im going to guess that the prices of carriers/capitals in general will rise as many small time low sec industrialists like myself get squeezed out.

In eve people gravitate to where they are happy and do what they want to do, this is a game we play for fun. If I want fun/excitement I choose to go and run incursions or go fly with bombers bar. I don’t want to be in a situation where if I log on I might be called to arms…. Then sit round bored and log off. I’m a dedicated industrialist, that’s what makes me happy. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of building bigger and more complicated items as I’ve progressed through the game. But now I feel like that’s been taken away from me. That’s my initial thoughts and reactions to the DeV blog on mineral compression. I might have misunderstood or missed a important point. I just don’t want to see my hard won capital BPOs become all but worthless in my inventory.

See you on the other side…


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