In the last 24hrs ive re-installed windows twice due to it crashing part way through the first install, Ive formatted 2 hard drives and now have my computer back up and running without the hideous amounts of registry errors that had crept into the system and everything else that slows windows down. I’ve got Eve reinstalled just got to find out where I last backed up my eve files to get my overview back. On the down side I’ve had to cancel my subscription on a toon it ends in 26 days. This is purely due to financial reasons and is no way a rage quit. My other account has 6 months left on it, but its more my utility toon not the one that can fly all the stuff.


Low sec carrier production, finished another carrier today. Ive also now got enough minerals to compress to start on my next carrier. Though im low on nocxium, if I had more I think id be able to get both carrier BPO’s into production… Normally I would know, but i have lost my notes when I moved house…

Items are not selling that well at jita i still have a lot on the market.


Take account of what ive got, how much im worth. Work out the best way to make enough money to plex my account while not downgrading my industry to much..


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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