Highway to the danger zone…..

So why do I play Eve, the reason is very easy to explain, in just one word Elite. So way back in the dark age of technology before the internet and mobile phones, okay late 80’s. As a young kid I found out about Elite through a friend who had it on the BBC Micro and from reading  a review in Your Sinclair. I was very excited about the game, it was just as a young kid i wanted to do, fly a space ship, trade and blow other spaceships up. When I got the game I spent many many hours hunched over the Spectrum 48K plus, Captaining my starship a Cobra Mk III. Trading, killing pirates. The graphics on the spectrum where never amazing, but that didn’t matter what i felt at the time was the immersion. Most other games at the time and for a long time afterwards in the main stream where side scrollers. Elite offered un-rivalled freedom, Offering no way to Win! Probably  the first Sand box game before there even was a sand box…. in the early 90’s a sequel was launched called frontier, i got this for Christmas i was so excited… More time trading, running missions and exploring getting better equipment and ships. I moved away from home and got introduced to Elite Plus which yet again i got hooked on.  With Eve I wanted to re-live those days trading and doing all the stuff in the late 80’s but with better graphics. Eve didn’t quite supply that but it offered me something else. I could still do exactly what i wanted. I could go out and earn bounties on Rats, I could run missions for factions, i could mine asteroids. But mainly I Loved building stuff that i knew other people where buying and using. It could have been a stack of missiles ( I’ve sold a lot of them!)  Or maybe a shiny ship i always thought Golems where very shiny ships….. still not flown one. Or maybe a Capital ship I’ve sold a few carriers in my time as well. So Eve supplied my  need to build and supply. But still it didn’t offer me my actual Piloting a starship fix! So where am I going with this A while ago one of the orginal programers of Elite, put a new Elite forward through Kickstarter. I backed. I am getting my Flying a starship fix with Elite Dangerous. I’ve not got myself into a Cobra Mk III, yet! But I’ve been happily trading bouncing around the systems. Really enjoying the amount of eye candy on offer, which is a lot and its still in early Beta at the momment. So if you want you can zip over to the Elite web page. Or you could scoot over to my Youtube video. So while i’m not without my spaceship fix. 

What happens when you Ion drives are fragged and you FTL has spun to zero…?


See you on the other side…..



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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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