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a slow day..

I’m writing this on my new computer, exciting stuff. What isn’t so exciting is updating windows, downloading anti-virus software installing games and patching and patching and patching. It’s a very SLOW process via mobile tether. I did spend to long … Continue reading

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Intel or AMD?!

Continuing my musings from yesterday about theortical upgrade path I could take. So upgrading the motherboard. Mmmmm! This next upgrade will nesitate a number of upgrades to happen at the same time. So board, chip, memory and cooler. So many … Continue reading

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Hopefully getting an upgrade.

Well for the last few months I’ve been writing this Blog on a mates Laptop which has been on permanent loan against the work I did on painting/wallpapering his new flat. Normally the going rate for that kind of thing … Continue reading

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WoT. As of the last update on the XBox, the Chafee is no longer going to be a stupidly huge grind up to 55,000 XP but a more sensible amount of 12,500 XP. So it looks like I will be … Continue reading

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Some games are whitewashes, these games are just <shrug>! Better games happen and there is more ebb and flow to the battle where every little bit of ground is well fought. Nobody makes stupid mistakes and holds the line. These … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Dark side, (we have cookies!)

When I sit down to play World of Tanks I want to win, I try my very best. People play games to get a release of endorphins the reward buzz. People who don’t even know about endorphins still play to … Continue reading

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VK 30.01(P)

Tier: VI Armour: Not bad for a mid tier medium Speed: 60 Km/h Armament: 105mm kwk 42 L/28 derp gun,75mm accurate but lower damage gun then 88mm kwk36 L/56 top tier gun. HP: 710 (Russian T-34-85 has 670HP, British Cromwell … Continue reading

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