Part II: Welcome to the Middle tiers and up, World of Tanks.

This is the second part of my guide to help people transition from the fast and furious tiers I-IV to playing V+ games. I’m going to be covering a few topics that become more important as you play higher up the tiers. Part I of my guide can be found here!


(This section is focused mainly towards Xbox, but some is general info so will apply to PC as well)

At the lower levels you generally don’t spend long enough on a tank to gain enough XP to get your crew to 100% and then be able to train up skills. These skills or perks are used to bolster the strengths of your tank, for example smooth ride. Or mitigate your weakness’s for example safe storage. Training a skill on your crew means you immediately get the benefit if it is only tiny, a perk doesn’t give any benefit till it is at 100% for example sixth sense. When browsing the skills and perks, perks have the lighting on there icon.

If you have a little gold on your account it can make your quality of life a little easier by been able to swap a trained skill for a perk. So for example I have got my Luchs Crew to 100%. I choose the camouflage skill and immediately gain benefits from when I’m hiding from the enemy. But I don’t know when I’ve been spotted until I start getting shot. Once I have got camouflage to 100%, I can use 10 gold to swap that skill to the perk sixth sense and immediately start training camouflage. So I now know when i’m spotted and its time to run but I’m not as stealthy as I once was. This allows your tank always to be improving as you play because you don’t have to grind through a perk that doesn’t work till 100%. There is no way round this for free-to-players, other than the tiny amount of gold you get for watching all the tutorial videos.


All my tanks have the perk sixth sense, which lights up 3 seconds after you have been spotted. So unless the enemy is pre-aimed on your location it might give you enough time to duck back into cover. Its also extremely useful when arty are on the map so you can be making life as hard for them as possible. So it’s an invaluable perk and why I have it on all my tanks. Another perk I like on my tanks is Brothers in Arms (BIA), though it’s not the second ‘bonus’ I pick up it might be the 4th or 5th. BIA perk increase the common skills such as repair, fire fighting and camouflage etc by 5% this bonus does stack with premium consumables such as pudding and tea, chocolate etc. Its stacks with the Improved Ventilation equipment giving a general bonus but also with specific equipment like coated optics. So even though it’s a small gain a few extra percentage on a skill could give you tens of metres on your view range if combined with coated optics allowing you to spot scouts from a longer distance when they think they are hiding.


The first skill I often choose is dictated to when the crew starts gain its first skill if its sub level V on a light/medium/TD I go for camouflage on a heavy repairs. Turreted tank destroyers would always get camouflage first, none turreted get repair. After level V I would go for repair first on all my tanks, then if it would bolster there use for example lights, mediums used as combat recons, TD’s they get camouflage. Then I fill up skills and perks individually for each tank.

Often you will have a crew training up skills but you have no intention of keeping them in that tank, for example you are aiming for a Tiger/Tiger II so having some generic skills pre-trained can help mitigate that new tank feeling. I find playing a tank without sixth sense very odd, always feels like there is something missing. When you move crew with trained skill and perks to a new tank though there tank skill level will drop to around 70% they can still use the skills and perks on there previous tank(s). So as I’m playing through a tank and if I elite a tank (buy all the upgrades) and see that my crew is nearly 100% I will hold off and get my crew there first skill partially trained.

Premium Tanks.

Not only a way to improve your silver balance but also a great crew skill trainer. Crews in premium earn a 50% XP bonus. When I bought the Cromwell Knight it came with a pre-trained crew to 100% and its first skill at 100%. At the time I was grinding through the centurion I but was pretty sure I was going to keep it. So I used the Knight to pre-train my crew for the centurion 7/1. As I no longer have a crew in my knight it allows me to bolster the skills in all my British mediums, as it costs nothing to move to a premium tank and back. The ideal level for a premium tank is Level VIII where you get the best bonuses but the British lines don’t have any tier VIII premiums but I hear its soon ™ to change.


Choosing the right equipment for your tank is important and the choice must match your play style. It’s a balance between improving your strengths, mitigating your weakness’s and/or generally improving many skills at once. So a Centurion could reduce the chance of been ammo racked by a few methods; wet ammo rack, safe storage crew skill or fighting from hull down positions.

Centurion Mk I

  • Medium gun rammer
  • Coated Optics
  • Improved ventilation

Centurion Mk I

  • Coated Optics
  • Improved ventilation
  • Wet ammo rack

Centurion Mk I

  • Vertical stabilizer
  • Medium Gun Rammer
  • Improved ventilation

All three load outs will work and improve the centurion, but some will be better in certain situations. So when taking equipment advice also make sure that the equipment matches your play style.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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