Part III : WoT, Consumables.

This is the third part of a series of guides you can part I here and part II here.

Consumables are bought items from either Silver or Gold, that can remove a detrimental effect (injured crew for example) to giving a one-off bonus (Pudding and Tea for British Tanks). We can split the list down to premium that are mainly listed for gold but can be bought for silver (press the Y button on Xbox to change payment from gold to silver.)  We also have the standard consumables that are a lot cheaper and only cost silver. You can bulk buy them from the store occasionally as well for gold.

Premium Consumables.

The cost of these is 50 Gold or 20 000 Silver these expensive items often give a passive boost to your crew, a large first aid kit gives a 15% passive resistance to crew injury and if you do use the kit it will heal all  crew presently injured. The large repair kit when used will heal all damaged modules but also gives a 10% field repair speed improvement until used. The other premium consumables Gasoline and food are automatically used every battle and give a flat percentage bonus to your skills.

Standard Consumables

These mirror the premium except there is no food and no passive bonus’ with these standard supplies. The repair, first aid kit and manual fire extinguisher all cost 3000 Silver the gasoline is slightly more expensive at 5000 silver. The repair and first aid kit will only heal/repair one person/module. The manual fire extinguisher works as advertised.

Why, Why ,Why.

All my tanks above tier V carry consumables, just the standard one. There is a case for carrying premium on PC for clan wars etc. But generally the cost will exceed the benefits unless you double up on both a standard and a premium kit for the passive bonus’. I have been in situations where having the use of a consumable has changed the outcome of one fight that has led to winning the battle. It’s as easy as that. Or it could be that first shot of the battle that takes out your loader or ammo rack in that situation you don’t want to be spending the reminder of the match at half/quarter loading speed. So you repair/ heal and continue the match. racking up damage which means experiance and silver. Or you could be in a slow heavy or TD and get tracked, do you want to be circled to death by a medium or face the incoming fire from arty. Nope well there’s good enough reason to carry a repair kit right there.

Premium ammo

Some people swear by this stuff, some people think its worse than arty in the game. I have used it a few times and yes when you have no chance of penning a tier X from the front a Maus for example with your Tier VIII 17 pdr you might change your tune. But some people abuse the mechanic and just spam it every match. You can easily tell if your hit with a HESH (High Explosive Squash Head)  shell because it sizzles once your struck like ‘bangers’ on a grill. Many tier IX tanks and up  get premium ammo either APCR or there HE counter parts as standard so expect that ammo to fly around a lot. I carry a handful of rounds in each tank just in case the battle depended on me making that one damaging shot!

The next part of the guide will look at some positioning. Both basic and advance topics to help you gain as much from the enviroment as possible.

See you on the other side….


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