Panzerkampfwagen II “Luchs.”


  • Tier: IV
  • Armour: Tier I tanks can penetrate the flat front glacis
  • Speed: 60 Kph ZOOOOOooooom!
  • Armament: Ends up with either a 3cm machine cannon or a 5cm KwK 39 L/60
  • HP: 340 (Russian T-80 has 350HP, British Covenanter and Valentine 310 HP)
  • Plays up to Tier: VII (likely to meet Tiger, Tiger P, KV 1-3, T29, Comet, Black Prince)
  • View range: 360m
  • Camouflage: Above average
  • Radio: Gaga… Actually better to use hand signals!
  • Play style:  Scout.
  • Equipment (I use.):
    • Improved ventilation
    • Camouflage net
    • Binocular Telescope

Musings on the Luchs.

I kept the Luchs, why because once it’s fully unlocked its so damn fun to play.  It’s a bit of a grind going up through the unlocks but it is only tier IV so you might decide to free XP your way up to the top. To access the Luchs you can start with either the Pz. I or PZ II, id recommend the Pz II because it offers a wider choice of vehicles you can follow branches down to the Lights (Luchs, Leopard), across to the mediums (Indien-Pz, or Panther I-II) or upwards to the heavies (Tiger I-II, E-100.) Once you have unlocked everything, you want to use the 3cm auto, NOT the 5cm even though the 3cm auto is inaccurate and has a very short range of about 300m it will punch through the sides of both the turret and body of a Tiger and the sides and rear body of a KV-3. The 5cm is more accurate and has a longer range but has poorer penetration and you will not be able to damage tier VII heavies. Though the Luchs will struggle against the British Tank destroyer line and will have to aim for weak points. Well when I say aim with the awful accuracy of the gun just point in the general direction and spray. The 3cm gun has a painful long reload of over 16 secs depending on skills etc.  The Luchs fairs well as a hit and run attacker, if you circle strafe that reload stretches to eternity and it only takes one shot to ruin your day. When scouting with this tank there is no point getting to far away the radio range is 455m which somewhat hampers its scout abilities. Play style is generally passive scout, get yourself in a bush, get camouflage and bino’s working and sit there as long as you dare. Obviously the crew skills/perks to train are camouflage and sixth sense but your speed allows active scouting if absolutely necessary. Hopefully if you choose a good position you will get a lot of spots and damage assist medals. Towards the end game you can use your speed to punch through the enemy lines especially if you notice they have run out of lights/mediums or at least if they have some left you know where they are and can not interfere with your fun! With the long reload you are not especially good at taking out multiple artillery. In city maps you can use your speed to fly around corners ambushing attackers focused on bigger threats. But rolling up behind a Churchill unloading your auto cannon into his rump then speeding off into the distance while you reload is rather fun and will make you come back time and again. This machine can’t take any damage, its best to play it knowing that one shot will end you, but you will have lots of fun until that happens.

“If Luchs could kill”

“Stop, Luchs and Listen!”

“Luchs into my eyes and you will find …”

Stop it that’s enough….


See you on the other side….


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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