AT 2

Assault Tank 2


  • Tier: V
  • Armour: I’m a castle with obvious weak spots.
  • Speed: 16 Kph Glaciers could out run me!
  • Armament: 6 pdr AT Gun Mk V.
  • HP: 450 (StuG III Ausf. G and SU-85 have 350,  Wolverine and T67 have 340)
  • Plays up to Tier: VII (likely to meet Tiger, Tiger P, KV 1-3, T29, Comet, Black Prince)
  • View range : 310
  • Camouflage: Above Average
  • Radio: 550m
  • Play style: Hybrid Heavy/TD
  • Equipment (I use.)
    • Improved Ventilation Class 3.

Musings on the AT-2.

The AT 2 is the first enclosed cockpit of the British Tank Destroyer line, it comes just after the Alecto which is fast firing but has no armour, accidentally dropping you mug of tea or scone will damage it. But as soon as you move into the AT 2 you feel like your at home in your castle you have a huge amount of armour that actually stops rounds penetrating and will bounce even some of the big guns you are likely to meet. If you’re playing top tier I play it more like a heavy tank like the American M3 Lee. You have the armour to be aggressive, your fast firing anti-tank gun can punish anyone that decides to play knifey knifey with you. If you play it this way you need to be rolling forwards all the time because your top speed is 20 km/h. You will be left behind; I’ve been in battles where the main battle has finished before I have got to the front line. But if the battle is in stalemate your decisive push soaking up the punishment can turn the tide. It does really depend on your team following you, after creating a breach. Not sat there like lemmings as you eventually succumb to the withering fire that the enemy will level at you. When playing the AT 2 you tactical decisions will have to be along the lines of what is the closest place that I can be useful. If you are bottom tier play as a standard TD the aiming time and reload speed is very low you fire just over 26 rounds a minute but this isn’t a sniping tank you accuracy is 0.37 where as the German and Russian TD’s at the same tier have 0.33 and 0.34 respectively.

If you continue up the TD line it’s a bit of a let down your gun gets better but your armour doesn’t. Sometimes I think WG did a cut and paste job for a few tiers but forgot to up date all the stats. The major problem with AT 2 and all the way up the TD line is the large and obvious weak spots that you cannot hide. The cupola’s just seem to get bigger, you can’t hide them behind cover because there at the top of the tank.

Because this is a non turreted tank destroyer I chose Repairs as my first skill, then camouflage once that’s at 100% I will swap with sixth sense and retrain. I have installed Vents for the general improvement of stats but have not filled out the  equipment slots yet, I feel that there are many options but I’m not sure which to go for so I might just fill the 2 slots with camouflage net and binoculars and see how that fits into when I play. Consumables I have the standard small repair, first aid and manual fire extinguisher. I’ve never had a fire in this tank I could be tempted to swap it out and replace with a large repair kit to improve track repair speed. Once you are spotted because you’re a slow target, expect artillery to focus you, why not you’re a slow fat and juicy piñata.


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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