Hmm. Bottom tier, eugh what to do?

So you get into a match and your bottom tier, what should be your course of action? You still need to go through the 3 tenants I set up in my guide here.

                        “Position of maximum usefulness.”

                        “Play the objective.”

                        “Situational awareness.”

If you’re a light, well you chose a light and you know it gets scout matchmaking all part of the deal. Tank Destroyers have it easy there role really doesn’t change much, they are still the snipers of the World of Tanks. Though choosing your location can be more important. Try a flanking location, either centre to the edges or vice versa, you want to be hitting nice juicy flanks. Because you might not have the Penetration to punch through the front of a top tier tank or maybe lack the accuracy for long range sniping cupolas etc. Obviously this can be difficult on urban warfare maps like Ruinberg or Himmelsdorf.  On Ruinberg you can support the mediums in the open ground instead of going toe to toe with the heavies in the town. On Himmelsdorf if your team takes the high ground you should be able to punish anyone in the open or along certain streets.

Medium Tanks

Some tanks those that are fast and agile can take up the role of combat scout especially if they are out fitted with coated optics and the crew has camouflage maybe green thumb for hiding in bushes or the skills to increase view range; situational awareness and recon. They might have smooth ride or off road driving or clutch braking something to give them an edge in this type of support role. Play the medium in this way doesn’t really matter what tier you are. I like playing the Cromwell and Comet in this role, with the Cromwell been better at this role. The Comet plays slightly better at the second role that mediums fall into, that of the pure support role. So what can these support tanks do, to be as useful as possible. As you might have guessed I play a lot of British tanks, so im going to use the Centurion I and 7/1 as examples. (No big surprise, honestly I do play other nations…)

The Centurion I or 7/1 with the 20 pdr is a high rate of fire gun which has good DPM but low alpha capability also the Centurion is not a fast machine some heavies will leave you behind. But they both have a good amount of ‘grunt’ or power to weight ratio also with there good gun depression make them excellent ridge line fighters. So how can you be really useful? It’s a brave move; attaching yourself to a heavy!!! It’s a gamble that assumes that the heavy will be a useful team player and know what they are doing. But by working together you can be a great force multiplier.  Sometimes it won’t result in anything great. But occasionally this type of informal arrangement can pay dividends. If you’re supporting a heavy and you feel it’s not working move on. Basically by working closely you can act as a force multiplier that is why WoT tries to balance teams with platoons. Because a few people working together using communication can really change the outcome of a battle. It could be as simple as baiting a tank to charge a corner thinking that they are facing a lower tier medium… Maybe flanking around a building, making your shots count on a distracted enemy. It could be just going for tracking shots and keeping the tank ‘tracked’ if you’re in a good position putting shells directly through the drive wheel you keep the enemy tracked but can also chip away at the HP of the tank. If you have a fast firing gun you could alternate between tracking shots and going for juicy locations like view/gun ports or the back engine deck. By using the Heavy tank as cover hopefully the enemy will focus their firepower onto the tank doing the most damage not you whom are not always visible and sometimes barely scratching them.


Now bottom tier heavies could do exactly the same attaching themselves to a top tier heavy and acting as close support. But remember your trying to track the enemy not try and just punch through armour that you are unlikely able to penetrate.

Another option would be for a bottom tier heavy, to purposefully go to the area on the map where mediums battle it out for supremacy. Having a heavy mixed in with the mediums can make a big difference even if you not top tier. For example on Lakeview as a heavy heading to town instead of the valley or on steppes heading to the eastern flank to support the lights/mediums instead of the normal western heavy brawl.

Thanks for reading, do you have any other way to deal with those bottom tier blues, if so please leave a comment below.

See you on the other side….


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